Health & Savings: Don’t Pay The Price Of A Dangerous Workplace

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Health and safety has long played a pivotal role in the world of business. People want to go to work with the knowledge that they won’t get hurt there, and will be very angry if they sustain unnecessary injuries during their daily tasks. As a business owner, this can put you in a bit of a tight spot. Not only do you have very little time to throw into work like this, but it will also be at the bottom of most business owner’s lists. Is easy to assume that nothing will go wrong in your work areas, though this is an easy way to land yourself with a heavy price to pay.


The first part of this to consider will be the training everyone working for you receives. In any job which requires heavy lifting, manual handling courses should be taken, as this will ensure that each of your team members has the skills to lift and move objects without hurting themselves. Of course, though, this goes further than simply lifting things. Along with this, you also need to think about the health and safety training your team goes through. This will teach them how to do their work safely, while also helping them to learn about workplace safety on the whole.

Most businesses have a responsibility to look after their employees, and a big part of this is making sure that they are healthy. If someone gets injured at work, even if it is minor, you will have to record what happened, along with having a health professional look over them. Going on a first aid course can make these stressful situations a lot less daunting. You’ll need someone with these skills on each shift, and it won’t be enough to get this qualification for yourself and no one else.


A lot of the workplace injuries which people suffer have nearly nothing to do with the way they were handling themselves or carrying out their job. Instead, the equipment they use can be one of the most dangerous parts of their work, and a lot of people get hurt by the tools they use each and every day. As an employer, you have a responsibility to make sure that your team members are using the right gear for each job. A half rotten ladder, for example, should probably be replaced by a metal one, and you can often tell when a piece of gear is about to fail.

Along with making sure that their tools are up to scratch, it will also be essential that you put some time into getting your team skilled enough to use them properly. Most manufacturers of specialised gear will be happy to help with this, and some even offer dedicated training courses. For more generic tools, though, like forklifts, you should be able to rely on bog-standard training exercise to get people up to date. This is something which will usually expire over time, and you will need to think about it before it’s too late.

The Building

While you may not realise it, if you haven’t had the building you use checked by a surveyor, it could prove to be a very dangerous place. In the past, asbestos was used a lot in homes, offices, and warehouses around the world. When you disturb this material, the dust which can come off of it can be extremely dangerous, causing long-term health issues like cancer. You will only be able to find materials like this if you have someone with the right skills check it out, but this doesn’t cost too much.

This doesn’t stop with the building materials which were used to put the place together, and you also have to think about the other elements which make your building safe. Secure doors are a good start, with a lot of modern examples being able to stop fire for hours on end. Fire curtains, blankets, and shutters will also prove to be very useful if you find yourself in this sort of situation, giving your team members the chance to escape if the building goes up in flames. Of course, there are loads of options like this across the web.

Unfortunately, it will be hard to avoid all of the dangers which come with your building, especially when you’re using a very old one. Even something as simple as a set of steps can prove to cause serious injuries, but you won’t be able to get rid of features like this, instead finding ways to make it safer through third-party tools. Wet floor signs, for example, can be used when hard surfaces are likely to be slippery, keeping your employees informed when they have to be careful in certain areas.

The Mentality

It’s very easy to make mistakes when you’re stressed about something, and a lot of people find themselves feeling stressed about their work. When people are working too fast in an attempt to keep you happy, they could risk making mistakes which could cost them a lot more than money, and it’s worth avoiding this as best you can. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by simply taking the pressure off. You don’t have to go completely relaxed about your team’s performance, but it isn’t worth having people feel under pressure if it is going to hurt them, as they won’t be able to work at all if they are taking time off to recover.

Health and safety has become a massive element of modern business. It’s impossible to escape the rules which your government makes you follow, and most of your team members will have their own expectations regarding your work. This makes it crucial that you put plenty of time into it, avoiding the fines which will be presented if you neglect the safety of your team. A lot of companies struggle with this, and very few manage to handle everything properly, making it well worth doing your own research to make sure that you’re appealing to your own government.

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