Great Entrepreneurs Value Their Time And So Should You!


Regardless of gender, entrepreneurs look to successful people for inspiration. For women, this is an excellent way to get ahead in the industry by gaining knowledge that is superior to rivals. One lesson that’s always worth learning is the value of time. The industry leaders understand how vital it is to their short, medium and long-term goals, and so should you too. Once you see it as a critical resource, you’ll be able to use it to your advantage to climb the corporate ladder and avoid the snakes.

With that in mind, below are the reasons to value your time as much as your money.

Prioritising Actions

Just because time doesn’t have any tangible monetary value, it doesn’t mean your daily routine isn’t costing you a hefty sum. People who aren’t aware of how much value that time offers can’t prioritise their actions. Think about a standard day – how do you rank tasks? You might believe that you have them in the correct order, yet it’s hard to know for sure when you can’t tell which ones create the highest value. When you work out the value of your time, your routine becomes streamlined and, as a result, more profitable. Remember that this applies to more than projects that bring in money, such as admin or banking.


Bosses want to keep a tight hold of the reins. After all, that’s the reason you became the leader in the first place. However, valuing your time means that you can’t micromanage or complete every task on your to-do list. Entrepreneurs who both either do two things: they ruin morale and channel their energy in the wrong places. As a result, the company is bound to suffer from a lack of productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing helps you to realise that your time is better spent on the jobs that only you can square away.

Employee Scheduling

Valuing your time should help you to do it across the board. And, this is a key to success as it encourages you to ensure everyone else is on the same page as the leader. Your employees, whether in-house or freelance, should schedule their workload as efficiently as possible for the sake of the company’s bottom line. Of course, they don’t because they don’t have the same amount of skin in the game, which is why management software is vital. The Lasso app is a popular tool because it connects you with the VIPs of the organisation – your workers.

Stress Testing

Is the juice worth the squeeze? In layman’s terms, this question analyses whether your time-to-work ratio is correct. Sure, you need to work hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to work longer. Instead, it’s better to be smarter regarding your workload as you’ll be more organised and efficient. By stress testing, you can tell if your idea is in the sweet spot concerning hard work and long hours. Only you know how far you’re willing to go timewise.

Do you value time? How do you ensure you give it the respect it deserves?




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