Going The Extra Mile For Your Employees: 3 Ways To Do It

Okay, so you pay your employees a wage each month. Surely that’s enough to keep them happy. And you might be willing to let them go home early occasionally, especially if they have completed their workloads ahead of time. And that should keep them happy too, right?

Well, yes! However, there is always more you can do for the people who work for you. 

By going the extra mile, you will promote productivity, as your employees will be happier at work. There should be fewer employee absences, as they are less likely to take time away if they know you care for them. And you will retain your best hires as well, as they will have less incentive to work elsewhere. What further incentive do you need?

So, going the extra mile is a must then, and here some of the ways to do it.

#1: Focus on the fun factor

Okay, so we know your employees are paid to work, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any fun in the workplace. You could hold the occasional office tournament, perhaps using a fun system to mark how many sales your team has made, or finishing early on a Friday afternoon with some friendly competition using a dance machine hire. And why not get out of the office more? If work has been completed successfully, why not do something social somewhere? You could go bowling together, for example. 

By upping the fun factor, you will boost your employees’ morale. As a consequence of this, you should see a rise in their productivity. There will be less sick days too because, by having more fun, the nasty side-effects of workplace stress shouldn’t take their toll.

#2: Spend some of your profits on them

Your employees work hard for you, but other than their monthly salary, do they ever get to taste the profits they have garnered for your company? Rather than spending every last penny you make on building your business, why not build-up your employees too? Take them out for a meal once in a while. Put the money towards creating a better break room. Give them a cash bonus. And when it comes to Christmas and their birthdays, you could give them more than a card and a cake with a candle on top. 

Again, this is another way to improve your employees’ morale. So, while you shouldn’t fritter your profits away, you should still find ways to occasionally share the wealth with the people you employ. After all, they are the people who have helped you bring in that income in the first place.

#3: Interact more with your employees

Aside from the occasional office meeting and annual review, how much time do you spend with your employees? If your answer is ‘very little,’ then why not be more present in their lives. Take the time to talk to them in the break room. Enquire as to their families and other aspects of their personal lives. Join them on staff socials. And always take the time to praise them for work well done. These positive interactions should lift their morale, and they should also improve your working relationship with them.

Think about it then. When did you last go the extra mile for your employees? Use our suggestions, and then find other ways to do more for them. Your business should improve if you do, as they should then go the extra mile to help you meet your goals.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

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