Goal-Setting Ideas To Move Your Business Forward

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You don’t need to wait until the start of another new year to set goals for your business.

Goal-setting is something you should focus on throughout the year, whether it’s an adaptation of existing goals or new goals that you might never have considered before.

By setting goals, you will have something to focus on. You will be able to track your progress and take steps within your business to meet them. By setting goals, your business won’t become stagnant. Instead, it will grow, evolve, and move forward.

In short, goal-setting is something you need to focus on if you want to find success with your business.

In this article, we will list a number of goals that have the potential to positively affect your business. You may have set some of them already, and there may be others that you haven’t yet considered. While you don’t have to set every goal that we list here – some may not be relevant to you – it is still worth adopting those that could easily fit within your business plan.

#1: Hire your first employee

For solo business owners, this is something you might want to consider if you can no longer manage the demands of your business on your own. While you could outsource some of your usual business tasks, you might find it more cost-effective in the long-run to have somebody by your side to help you run your business. You don’t necessarily need to hire somebody full-time either, as a part-time staff member might be more suited to the needs of your business.

Use this step-by-step guide to walk you through the recruiting process.

#2: Do something to increase your website traffic

For many small business owners, their website is the driving force for their revenue. If this is the case for you, then you might want to find ways to increase your website traffic to improve your chances of business success. To do this, you might want to redesign your website so it’s better fit for purpose. You might want to look into ways to improve your SEO. And you might want to use social media more to drive more traffic to your website.

Use these ideas on boosting your website traffic. By following just a few, you should start to see a rise in your profits in tandem with the added number of visitors to your site.

#3: Find new ways to market your business

You will already appreciate the need to market your business; you won’t make very much money if you don’t. While you should step-up your usual marketing attempts using whatever methods currently work for  you, it is always worth looking for new ways to market your business. So, if you haven’t considered marketing your business on the radio before, why not contact your local news station? Or if you are still reliant on traditional marketing attempts, why not spend more time focussing on digital marketing strategies?

There are loads of marketing ideas online, so do a Google search and then implement any ideas that could serve your business well. Check out our novel marketing ideas too, and then consider our next point.

#4: Hold your own business event

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An excellent way to market your business, a business event will give you the opportunity to network with potential customers, clients, and investors. While you should definitely timetable in the business events that are happening in your local area to your schedule, you might want to raise your profile by holding your own event if your budget allows. As examples of business events, you might want to consider putting something together for a product launch, or you might want to hold a fundraising event to both raise money for your business and a local charity.

There is plenty of advice on the ins and outs of event planning online, so do a Google search. And to make your life easier if you do decide to do something, you might want to use this online event management system which has a wide range of features to help you streamline the process.

#5: Give your customers something new

Could you add something new to your product line? Could you do something to improve your customer service? Could you begin a customer-loyalty programme? If you want to keep your existing customers and encourage word-of-mouth so they direct others to your business, you need to place a special focus on your them if you want to maintain and grow your business. Think about what your business currently offers, and then find ways to collect customer feedback to improve your decision making.

#6: Improve your financial situation

As you would in your personal life, look for ways to improve the financial health of your business. This includes finding ways to save money on your business expenses and looking for ideas on how to increase your monthly income. As ideas, you might look for cheaper vendors for your business supplies, and you might consider adding a new string to your business bow to bring more money in. Look at where you are now financially, and then set yourself a monetary target to reach by the end of the year.

#7: Become a greener business

We are, of course, talking about becoming more eco-friendly within your business. How will this move your business forward? For starters, you should attract more people to your corner, be they customers or employees, as even if you’re not particularly eco-conscious, many of the people in your community will be. Going green is also a way to save money in your business, as by going paperless or by reducing your energy usage, you will find yourself with more money in your bank account to put into growing your business.

These green ideas will get you started but do a Google search for further suggestions.


To secure growth and to ensure your business has a chance of success, consider adding some or all of these goals to your business plan. Let us know if you have any of your own goal-setting ideas too. By moving forwards, you will sidestep failure and give your business a better chance of surviving in the competitive marketplace within your chosen industry.

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