We're part of the #WorkForGood movement and donate 5% of our membership fees to charities every month.

Women's Business Club has partnered with Work for Good, a platform which builds giving into your day to day work, for the good of both charities and your business. They make it easy to give in whatever way suits you best whilst showing you how it can actually grow your business. The legal and admin hassle has already been taken care of and the Work for Good team are on hand to help.

Giving is the key to growing your business

You can join in FOUR easy steps


  1. Sign up with Work for GoodIt only takes a few minutes to register. If you want some help, you can watch our short tutorial video here.
  2. Choose how you want to giveA day of your time, a percentage of your fee or sales, a set amount when you hit a target – or whatever and however you want. If you need inspiration, see how other businesses help too.
  3. Choose your charities and donate onlineChoose from our list, or nominate a new charity. Or let your clients or people decide which causes to support, to make them feel part of the story. When it’s time to make your donation, we’ll remind you by email. And we can email your clients (if you want us to) to let them know when it’s gone through.
  4. Share your story

Download the full Work For Good Business Brochure 2018

Wear the Work for Good mark with pride, to show the world what you stand for. And share your story online. Blog, tweet, make it social – we’ll share your stories too.

Still not sure how you'd like to give? Here are some ideas to inspire you:


  • Give a day - Choose a day and give all or a percentage of whatever you earn on that day.
  • Give through your fees - Give a percentage of fees for a specific client or project to a specific cause.
  • Give through your sales - Give a percentage of sales from one or all of your products or services.
  • Give when you succeed - Give a percentage or set amount when you hit your targets.
  • Give in your own way - Choose to give whatever you want, however you want, to whoever you want.

And as a bonus, if you sign up Delivered Social will build you a free Work for Good page on your website showcasing your giving journey...