Giving Your Customers The Best Payment Options

You have customers, and you need them to buy your products from you. But customers are only going to go all the way through the payment process if it’s convenient and easy, and is comfortable enough both in and out of the physical store to go through with. After all, you’re going to want an ecommerce portion added to your company’s website – it’s one of the best, modern ways to do business!

No matter what kind of company you’re running, you’re going to want to make a profit with it. You’re going to want to bring money in, and to at least balance the costs going out again with the cash on hand. And that means you’re going to want to invest in the best ways to complete transactions – always online, portable, can be self operated etc.

So with that in mind, here’s just some of the best payment options you can give your customers, to make sure they keep on coming back, and always take their baskets through to the checkouts.

The amount of money a little card like this can hold…

The amount of money a little card like this can hold…

Make it Digital

First of all, you’re going to want to make digital transactions available, especially if you’re a small business with no other established presence on the market. There’s still quite a significant number of smaller companies out there that still aren’t accepting cards when customers go to pay for their items, and it just turns away a huge boost to the potential profits of the day.

Most people don’t carry cash around with them anymore, simply because there’s little need to when digital and contactless payment options exist, so make sure you go digital as soon as possible. And if you manage to expand into second and third stores, make sure you pass out these contactless or digital solutions all the way down the line. It’s a much more cohesive way to do business.

Give the Option for PayPal Online

If you’ve got an online portal for customers to shop with you, make sure they’re able to use their PayPal accounts whilst they’re logged in. If you don’t, people are going to have to input their card details over and over again, if they’re not comfortable with having them stored in your records for a faster checkout next time. And if they are comfortable with having their details stored, you’re opening both yourself and them up increased outside intrusion.

After all, if hackers and scammers know you keep a record of the payment details of everyone who comes through your site, you become a bigger and bigger target as time goes on. It’s a lot safer to let payment come through an already established, and safe, third party option. You might have to pay a very small fee on certain transactions, but the more sales you receive, the lower the cost on you personally.

Use Portable Machines

Stores can clog up very easily, and the footfall in and out of them during operating hours can turn potential profit away. After all, no one wants to queue for minutes at a time, and there’s always going to be a few customers who turn away at the site of a long line of people waiting to pay. Not to mention the amount of discarded items you might find around the shelves, from people who decided it’d be best to come back at a later date. And that makes you and your employees’ jobs of keeping the shop clean and neat and tidy a lot harder too!

So ultimately, you’re going to want to be able to hit customers all around the store, and you’re always going to want to avoid a queue in the shop. So make sure any payment machines you do employ the use of are perfectly portable. You can take a look at the best credit card machines on the market right here, if you don’t have an idea where to start with your transaction investments.

So, How Do You Customers Pay?

The people you serve on a daily basis are always going to want familiarity and convenience from their checkout, and you want them to always be able to complete transactions with zero problems. Some may only ever want to pay in cash, but all checkout options cater for that need at their very core! It’s the people who only have cards to use, or who don’t trust their cards being kept on file, that you need to stick your neck out for.

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