Getting Creative with Your Clothes!

How creativity can help you in your business so you get you noticed for the right reasons!

I‘m Hazel Robinson, Image and Style Consultant helping women look their best so they feel confident about how they look, dress the part for every opportunity, for their target market and business and save time, money and effort knowing what suits.

One of the reasons I love what I do, apart from wanting women to feel more confident is because it allows me to be creative. Even my logo (a hazel nut) and business name being a play on words of my first name are all the result of allowing my creative mind to play. Recently I haven’t been feeling very creative for various reasons and because it is such a huge part of me and of my business it didn’t feel good. After having a coaching session with a good friend of mine (Cindy Davis-The Feelgood Coach) and getting out onto the hills which I love (nature being the most creative force of all) it was like the creative blood started to run through my veins. Creativity is key in what I do – seeing how colours, clothes and accessories go together or having light bulb moments about how a garment/accessory that isn’t quite working could be tweaked to become one you wear all the time and love.

Recently I was at a client’s home doing a style consultation and she showed me a great jacket she had – nice fit but it had gold buttons and when she put it on with long boots it shouted ‘Dressage!’ at me! (not literally else we would have a talking jacket on our hands!!). If you aren’t off riding then the jacket wouldn’t work, or would it?

I recommended she changed the buttons for neutral ones to blend with the jacket and now she has worn it a load of times (so now the jacket was worth the purchase which is good!).

“It’s important to have a connect with what you do so people can see that you are in a creative industry and are walking the walk and so they can get a feel for you as a person and what you could do for them.”  Tweet This!

Same with a dress I have that doesn’t go well with jumpers because of its material – when I thought creatively about it I realised the best thing would be to layer up under it with a long sleeved top and put it with knee high boots. These things are small tweaks but they allow you to use more of what you have and avoid spending more. Perhaps this gives you some creative food for thought on some little tweaks you could make?

This also brings me onto my next point which is if you are in a creative industry is it evident from how you dress? Since having this breakthrough about creativity I have decided to be more creative in what I wear and my makeup – to let the real me out to play a little more. I’m not working for local government anymore so it’s time to get that across!

My question to you is what do you wear to show you are in a creative industry or are different from your competitors? Do you have a bold signature colour because you are an artist who paints great colourful pieces or teaches women how to be confident? Or do you wear the jewellery you make? Do have a bespoke name badge that you wear that shows off some graphic design you do? Or a funky business card that’s like a playing card because you’re a magician? (My business card has hole drilled in it like a clothes tag).

Another example would be of a client I saw the other day that has some really unique 40’s brooches she wears that would get people talking.

What could be your thing? (These are all marketing tools if you are out networking or anywhere in fact!). It’s important to have a connect with what you do so people can see that you are in a creative industry and are walking the walk and so they can get a feel for you as a person and what you could do for them.

Hazel Robinson

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