Get back to the start! Cheltenham Women’s Business Club  

All this month, Women’s Business Club UK, our theme is getting Back to Basics. At our Cheltenham Tribe Night this month, we took time to review and reflect on our businesses. Our expert speaker @Julia Hallewell, helped us to strip back and really look deeply into our business and remember our why, our purpose for doing what we do. Are we still aligned to our goals or are we off track? Pressing pause is so important. To reflect and check in.

How regularly are you doing this? 

Using the #successcycle theory, we explored how important to our success it was, to take time regularly to review the concepts/steps required in achieving our goals – #belief #commitment #action #results #understanding 

Taking a break is often hard to do in a fast paced world and lifestyle – yes even at this challenging time. Give yourself time to pause, to breathe. Take your business on a virtual retreat. Reflect, cleanse and recharge!

Know & understand your true priorities. Review the steps in your success cycle. Focus and take action on these to build towards your story of success- whatever that looks like to you right now. 

Make it a routine to take time to ‘check in’. 


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