Get Sales Savvy

As you head in to Quarter 4, October to December, be mindful of what you need to do in these next three months to make sure you hit and hopefully exceed your 2015 goals.  #youcandoit

Remember my AmberLife Business Growth Rule #1 …

“Repeat what works, tweak what’s not, or ditch it”

So, I invite you to review your last quarter or two and work out HOW you achieved your best results.  So you can repeat them for Q4.

– What marketing activities gave you the most leads or enquiries?

– What sales activity helped you to convert more of your contacts into paying clients?

– Who did you meet at networking that would love to hear from you again?

And importantly, who do you need to follow up with again?

Scary stats show…

Only about 50% of people even follow up once.

25% follow up twice.

and only 12% follow up three times.

So, be different and take the initiative to follow up more.  You will make more sales this way.

Carrying on the conversations with the business women in your network, is one of the best way to develop your relationships and build on your knowledge about their business.

You’ll then be able to find out how you can help them or put them in touch with someone who can.

Making your networking world go round  🙂

To your success and happiness, follow up with someone today!

Jo James

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