How to get your perfect knee-length skirt or dress?

At SoSensational, we believe the key to successful business dressing is a capsule wardrobe of trans-seasonal basics and fashion-forward pieces which work together and can be updated, with season-specific tops and accessories.

The first important step in looking authoritative and appropriate is to discover your colours. If you haven’t had your colours analysed, why not? In the long-run it will save you cash as you won’t end up with garments you love but which do nothing for you when worn, or with wardrobe orphans which match nothing in your closet.

Having your colours analysed will also reveal your best neutral. Stand by for bad news: your best neutral may not be black. It may be navy, chocolate, taupe or one of the, if not 50, then four, main shades of grey.

Once you have established your best neutral, start to build a business wardrobe of key pieces in that shade. We suggest a jacket (or two if your budget will stretch to it) per season; a couple of skirts or a skirt and tailored trousers. Buy these in the best cut and quality you can afford and remember that won’t always mean the priciest as pricey designer collections are sometimes in poor quality fabric (you’re paying for a label); learn to trust your instinct for the “feel” of better quality cloth. When choosing these big-ticket items, do shop for your shape, so choose set-in sleeves if you are bigger-busted; but drop shoulder/ dolman sleeve if you have a small bust and broad shoulders. And please take a look at our hemline Style Tip (below) to find your perfect skirt length.

How to get your perfect knee-length skirt or dress

Stand in front of a long mirror. Take a long piece of fabric (or a towel, if you don’t have fabric) and hold it in front of you like an ankle-length skirt, keeping one end firmly at your waist. As you gradually roll the fabric up, you will see which length is the most flattering for your legs – just on, just above or just below the knee.

If you can get a friend or partner to help, they should measure the length from waist to “hem”. That is your best skirt length. Write it down and keep it safe. If you wear skirts longer than your correct length, you will find that, as a rule, a hem that hits the widest part of the calf will be the least flattering, so it is worth discovering your perfect skirt length.

Once you have your capsule wardrobe, you can supplement it with clever budget buys for seasonal items such as knits, tops and jewellery.

As we are heading into winter, you will also want a gorgeous coat, which could either be in your best neutral or in a stunning colour, such as a sugar pink flower-appliquéd coat by Christopher Kane. It is a jaw-dropping £2,150, but you will want to wear it forever, and you will certainly make an impact when you arrive for any meeting.

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We also love and commend for its contemporary chic, Boden’s Sienna coat at a more modest £189 and available in 5 shades, including navy and taupe.

Most of the key A/W trends(velvet, embellishment, 70s) are applicable to off-duty- and partywear, so should not distract you from your stylish, authoritative working wardrobe. But when adding seasonal accessories, do keep in mind that ankle boots are on-trend and work appropriate; and print is on-trend and works well with your capsule basics; and bold, statement jewellery (in the right scale for your size) can elevate any outfit from the routine to the “wow.”

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