Get more done at Women’s Business Conference 2019 – Introducing evhop!

The main objective for participants at events is doing more new business.  It is exhilarating to think of the potential new customers, suppliers, partners and contacts you will meet.  These contacts can fundamentally change your business for the better-amazing!

But with so many conversations to have and people to meet, how do you make sure you follow up all these fantastic leads?  After all, as a delegate at last year’s Conference said, ‘the fortune is in the follow up’.

evhop - Women's Business Conference

Certain activities have been proven to help people follow up after events.  Preparing well by researching who you will speak to.  Making a quick note to help you remember a conversation with an exhibitor.  Having all your notes and contacts in one place for easy access afterwards.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a simple, quick way for participants to do all of this?

There is.  It’s called evhop and we are super happy it is available at our Conference.  evhop is a free, simple app for participants to achieve more from events.  Follow up actions get done-instead of hanging over your head!

Everything to help you is in the evhop app.  Simply go to the ‘Action’ tab for any exhibitor.  You choose the follow up actions you want to complete:

evhop - Women's Business Conference 2019

And, because all your activity from the Conference is saved in one place, it is straightforward to come back to later!

So what are you waiting for?  Download evhop today from your App Store and start making the most of Women’s Business Conference 2019!

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