Gain ‘Super Human’ Productivity with Mindfulness

Up until recently I was always told that as soon as I hit a certain age my brain will have formed and reached its full potential and I could no longer learn new things and if I wanted to be successful (whatever that meant for them) then as a child I needed to knuckle down and cram in as much as possible and become smarter so that as an adult I could be an intelligent individual. This put a whole lot of pressure on me as a child as I’m sure it also did for some of you too. I became ashamed as I turned from child to young adult to adult, scared that I hadn’t studied hard enough, listened hard enough, learnt enough and not figured out what I wanted to do quickly enough. WOW! This was a heavy burden to carry. Fortunately as I matured and learnt the art of listening to oneself (meditation) I gained an inner knowing that I could achieve anything I put my mind to and shifted the burden that I carried from an underachieving child.

Thanks to new research it has now been proven that your brain is like a muscle. It can grow stronger and change just as you learn new things, even as an adult. No one is stuck as ‘dumb’ we all have the ability at any time to push our brains to become stronger just like a muscle in our leg. But in a world where there is so much to learn and perhaps too much to learn in one short lifetime, what on earth should we put our energy into?

Well my advice is this… life is short, so why not spend time learning what interests you. This seems like an obvious thing to say but so many of us go into studying something either because our parents/peers expect us to or we have started our learning career in a certain area and it seems a waste to stop even though we are bored by the topic. So many of us work in jobs we hate and go onto learn further into the field because the opportunity is there or our employer was paying! None of these reasons are great reasons to learn something. Why not learn something that you can’t get enough of, that you enjoy, that makes you feel alive, and gets you spreading the passion? These all sound like much better reasons to me.

So that’s great and all but what happens when you don’t know what brings you to life or what your passions are? I have found meditation (the art of listening) an essential tool to guide me to where I should be placing my energy. We can be blinded by experience, core belief systems and outmoded thought patterns which can leave us feeling lost.

Meditation allows us to step back and watch from a distance which in turn allows us to see a clear path, one that is more in line with our passions. It allows us to make better decisions for ourselves by creating space for our thoughts to come and go with ease at a slower pace instead of a barrage of thoughts with ulterior motives that never seem to leave. It breaks through the ceiling from what we once thought impossible or out of reach. By creating space in our minds we can then invite new ideas to enter and problem solve sticky situations much more easily.

Mindfulness has very quickly reappeared into the forefront due to its scientific proven ability to increase our learning potential (our memory capacity and the ability to process information at a faster rate) and increase our divergent creativity (a type of thinking that allows many new ideas to be generated). It allows us to make decisions in a rational mind even under pressure and improves ‘insight’ problem solving. Our attention span is increased, we can concentrate and focus for longer and distractions are tuned down so you are less likely to be pulled away by other things going on.

So with the knowledge that we have the ability to learn even as we age, improve our productivity in what ever we put our minds to and the potential to gain what may seem like ‘super human’ abilities through the practice of mindfulness meditation you can be sure to take on the world and cast off the shackles from what we once thought we couldn’t do.

This not forgetting that whilst in the pursuit of a better brain you are also significantly reducing stress and anxiety by giving yourself the head space that you so desperately need in this fast paced life we lead. You will inevitably combat feelings of anger and stress, of feeling overwhelmed, and switch off the constant mind chatter that gets in the way of us feeling balanced and in control. (More information on this in future posts.)

Mindfulness meditation is a necessary tool that has been used for thousands of years which we have forgotten in our modern society but is needed now more than ever. Your brain is a tool that needs to be used with care as it is the hub of our well-being.

Join us on our next Mindfulness Meditation Weekend Retreat to learn this art of listening on 24th/25th October at the Charlton House Spa Hotel in Somerset and give yourself the headspace to direct your life in the way you want it to go.


Jennifer Hall- Managing Director and Head Trainer at The Spirit Sanctuary

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You can learn something new even at a late stage in your life, Mindfulness Meditation is the key to your success.

You can learn something new even at a late stage in your life, Mindfulness Meditation is the key to your success.

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