From Kung Fu…to Healing You!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) changed my life, and it can help change yours!

I’m often asked what drew me to become an Acupuncturist. Well, growing up in the North East of England, in the 70’s and 80’s, I hadn’t even heard of Acupuncture, and it was still very much a mystery in the West; but my journey to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began way back then.

After being inspired by, Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee; I started martial arts classes with my older brother; but I let the classes slip as the years passed. However, I still loved his films, and as I got older, I discovered that there were messages in his films; it wasn’t just about Martial Arts.

“The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see I will never find the light unless, like a candle, I am my own fuel.” BRUCE LEE

During my teens, my interest expanded to include Feng Shui, and the Chinese approach to health and wellbeing. And, I realised that all of these elements of Chinese culture, had one thing in common…they talked about the importance of the flow of energy or Qi (Chee). At age 18, I considered studying at The Northern College of Acupuncture, but the fees were just too high; so I embarked on a career in public service instead.

During my twenties, I was struggling with lots of emotional problems including bereavement, my mother suffering a sudden heart attack, and I moved away from home. I was also being bullied at work and having some relationship problems after just being married; and I just couldn’t cope. I didn’t realise that I was depressed, and so I didn’t think to go to a GP, I just struggled on for the next couple of years.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, I was drawn to a local course in Reiki healing. This really helped me through my depression. Thankfully without medication, I was able to use Reiki to ground me, realise perspective and find a way forward. This inspired me to study more about Qi, and ultimately change my life. So in my thirties, I left the Civil Service to pursue my dream of being an Acupuncturist…and have never looked back.

“It’s my aim to inspire and empower as many women as possible to take control of their health and well being, and to teach them how TCM can help them achieve the ultimate balance!”  Tweet This!

Qi is invisible, yet tangible; it embodies and connects all living things. It is the essential life force running through us, our blood and tissue, our movements, thoughts, emotions, inner and outer self-expression and awareness. It also manifests in nature around us; the formation of mountains, plants and trees, the movement of the oceans, the warmth of the sun, and the movement of the wind. We acquire Qi through the air we breathe, produce Qi through the food we eat, and both nourish and damage our Qi, through our lifestyle choices, experiences and spiritual connections

I see my role as a TCM practitioner role as cultivating and nurturing the mind and body; like tending a precious plant. When you prepare the soil with nutrients (Qi), choose the best position for the plant to receive essential sunlight (Qi), ensure effective watering and irrigation (Qi); the plant will grow healthily and thrive. If this fragile balance is disrupted, petals will shed, leaves may shrivel, soil will dry, frost damages the roots, and so on. The same happens with our health.

The balance and flow of Qi is responsible for keeping our body and mind in harmonious balance. This is integral to longevity and vitality of life. When Qi is not flowing freely, it can become stuck or deficient, and this results in many problems, e.g: pain, anxiety, tension, sleep issues, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, headaches and many other conditions.

I help bring relief from these conditions, and aim to achieve optimum balance for healing. I do this by influencing the flow of Qi through channels known as meridians, with Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping and Tui Na Massage. However, an equally important part of my role, is working with my patients to advise them and support them to heal themselves.

I feel blessed to have discovered my passion and purpose. In 2014, I also qualified in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture and Micro Needle Therapy; and I really enjoy seeing the transformation in my clients’ younger looking appearance too.

I’m in my 7th year of practice, and my business is going from strength to strength. This is really a calling for me, and I will never tire of sharing my knowledge and expertise in this wonderful and powerful healing system. It’s my aim to inspire and empower as many women as possible to take control of their health and well being, and to teach them how TCM can help them achieve the ultimate balance!

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