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Flaxen’s Harriet Hare

Flaxen Hare

Laura Liddell, a Forest of Dean Business woman, has spent over 12 years experience delivering creative activities for families to share together.  Her innovative knitting kits are great to make with all the family; from grandparents through to children and everyone in between. They are even good to make on your own. Learn to Knit with Harriet Hare is a very special knitting kit that will make knitting fun for children. A great beginners kit. There are instructions on how to knit and there are videos on their website, www.flaxenhare.co.uk,  to help show you the first stages of knitting to get you started. Harriet Hare is a delightful creature. She is small and cuddly and an ideal size for little hands. Being small it also allows for clothes to be made swiftly so allowing for a sense of achievement to be gained quickly.

I have always been a huge fan of Flaxen’s Harriet Hare.  My daughter and I have spent many pleasurable hours together knitting outfits for our Harriet. But what I recently discovered and which really did for me what Laura’s message.  A business with a message is a powerful thing – especially when it has the potential to change a nation!

Did you know…
Craft skills generate £3.4bn for the UK economy, with 150,000 people employed in businesses driven by craft skills, in engineering, science, design, architecture, fashion and film.  Read more

Do schools kill creativity?
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. Listen here

Laura’s message:
As Sir Ken Robinson says there is a 2nd climate crisis that is going on that needs to be dealt with and with the same urgency. It is not one of natural resources but one of human resources. Education is failing.

Education is not nurturing or recognising people’s talents. It is moulding people to be a certain way, to learn a certain way, to be a certain way. There needs to be a revolution in education in how we educate people and what education should be. Through the current system how many people actually ever find their talents? Children look for approval and when this is channeled in a blinkered way, how many fail?




What is creativity? That is another big question. May I advise you start by reading Sir Ken Livingston.

I am now 57 years old and I want to give something back. I want to try and make a difference. I am concerned about education. I am distraught about the lack of crafts in schools and therefore universities. Education is very linear. Humans are not. Education is catering for a narrow margin of individuals. Humans are so diverse with different talents. How many of us ever find our talents because education is so streamlined? How sad is that.

Flaxen Harriet Hare will not be for everyone but it does offer much. Apart from embracing both traditional skills with modern technology it provides a package that is not compartmentalised. A story will lead to another activity, to knit a new outfit for Harriet Hare, or to collect elderflowers and make cordial, or to try something new. You cannot be creative if you don’t do something. Screens can be numbing.

Flaxen Harriet Hare is offering ways to engage with your children, to stimulate and nurture ideas and creativity. Creativity starts by doing something that then sparks ideas.  Ideas are the start of anything new. Creative thought is in all streams of life not just the arts and crafts, but all areas of life.

I want my little voice to try to help and link in with the Crafts Council and other like minded people currently lobbying the government to rethink our education and stop cutting back crafts in schools and universities. Our Future is in the Making.

I am pleased to award Flaxen’s Harriet Hare our official stamp of approval.

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