Five Ways Your Website Can Make Conversions

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In the digital realm, every click, view, scroll, search, and edit counts. If your website isn’t perfectly optimised to convert as many unique viewers into customers as possible, you’ll lose out on the healthy profits offered by the online marketplace – all of which can help give your company a serious competitive edge in the modern world of business. Below, you’re going to discover how you can make subtle changes to your website in order to up that conversion rate, ensuring that you’re maximising the value of every site visit, and making visitors ever-more-likely to trade with you now, and for many months and years in the future.

UX Journey

Much is spoken about User Experience (UX) in the modern digital marketing space. UX has been shown to be incredibly important in the conversion rate for company websites – so much so that there are plenty of companies in desperate need of this specific set of expertise. You need to make sure that your customers are taken on pleasant journeys through your site, with content and text inter-weaving in pleasant fashion. Use a UX designer to help you create this journey.

Click-Through Shortening

Another wily trick of the trade, around since the origins of the internet, is the click-through rate that you’re getting through to your website, and through the website itself. The rule of thumb in this regard is to try to take your customer, in as few clicks as possible, from the home page to the ‘buy now’ button. This is all part of customers’ journeys on your site, of course.

Avoid Irrelevant Posts

Some in-house marketing teams tend to display a penchant for drawing in more customers through the kind of content that is generic and perhaps interesting to a wide audience but is ultimately a waste of traffic. If you post a blog entry about cats in a zoo in Canada, you’re unlikely to draw interest from the German dairy farmers that are your chief marketing target. Keep things relevant if you’re looking to build on your conversion rate on your site.

Offer Deals and Rewards

One of the ways in which you can create an incentive for site visitors not only to stay on your site but to actually purchase products is to make the offer of a discount and other such rewards for those who buy with you ‘today’ or ‘before’ a certain time. This puts a sense of urgency into the consumer, with which they may prolong their interaction with your website.

Make it Professionally

There can be absolutely no substitute in this guide for a professional website that looks great, works well, and targets exactly the right consumer. Providers such as will help you test your site to ensure that all the principles of high hit-rates and conversion rates are built-in from the ground up, sharing with you’re their data-driven insights to continue improving your site gradually over time.

There you have it: five important ways in which you can draw in more custom to your sites, converting visitors to buyers and thus increasing your profits as a healthy and productive result.

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