Five Tips for Setting Up a Productive New Office Space

A new office space is always an exciting time. Whether it is your company’s first official office space, or you’ve just changed locations, moving into that new space can spark creativity, excitement, and even renewed interest in the company. Of course, with that said, there is also a lot of thought and organisation that should go into setting up the new space, especially if you want it to be efficient and productive for all. Here are five tips to help you set up an office space that is productive.


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Let Each Person Pack and Unpack Their Own Desk

If you are relocating from another office space, the first tip is to let employees pack up their own desk. They know how the want things packed and stored, what should go with what, and they may also want to declutter as they pack. Just make sure to also provide staff with dedicated packing time so they aren’t throwing things in boxes at the last minute.

On the other end, in the new space, allow employees to then unpack their own desk. This just helps with efficiency and productivity since they can set things up exactly the way they want.

Give Thought to Ergonomic Furniture

The comfort of your employees should also be a top concern because if they are comfortable at their desk, they will be able to work longer and harder, which means an increase in productivity. Comfort levels also affect happiness, which will have an impact on the quality of their work. With all that in mind, it’s wise to consider investing in ergonomic furniture. Furniture and office equipment can be designed and built in a way that is able to reduce pain, weariness, and fatigue on employees.

Now is the Time to Update Hardware and Office Equipment

This is also the perfect time to take stock of your current computers, printers, fax machines, phones, and so forth, and consider updating and upgrading. If replacing some of those items can help where productivity is concerned, then the investment will likely pay for itself rather quickly. Don’t forget, you can always rent the equipment to cut down on the costs.

Hire on a Professional Cleaning Service

In order to keep things looking fresh, clean, and functional, it will be important to also hire on a professional cleaning service. Take, for example, Regional Services, which offers commercial office cleaning London based. You’ll be getting exceptional cleaning services that are far and above what you’d find with just a residential cleaning service.

Let in the Natural Light

Natural light is often something that is overlooked and not given much thought to, but did you know that by letting that natural light into the office space, you can increase productivity? It has been shown to reduce eye strain, improve peoples’ moods, help a person feel more awake, it can reduce the amount of headaches people get, and even reduce the amount of mistakes made.

Take these tips on board and make your new office space work for you!

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