Five Little Changes To Make This Week



Sometimes in life, we find ourselves sticking to patterns that may no longer work for us. Change can be scary for some but now and again, a little jiggle around of the way that you approach things can be just what you need. We have put together a small list of a few little things that you could change this week in order to make you more productive and also more happy in your life!

1 – Find time to introduce or enhance exercise in to your daily routine. Eeeek we know, the thought of a sweaty gym and squeezing in to those gym leggings isn’t really what we want but there are ways around this! Join a class with your friends and fellow ladies, zumba is always good fun for example, choose something that doesn’t feel like hard work! If this is too energetic for you, then something simple such as yoga is fabulous for clearing your mind and will make you feel better after!

2 – Make time for things that matter! We are all guilty of complaining that we literally have no time but if you think about it realistically, how much physical time do we really spend working? Not every second of every day! Focus your mind completely when working and then you’ll have the benefit of more time free to yourself. Choose how to spend this time wisely, an hour can go by in a flash if you’re sat in front of the TV, why not dedicate that hour to playing with your children or meeting up for dinner with an old friend?

3 – Buy yourself a lovely little notebook! As you may have noticed, I am a big fan of notebooks, organisers or even the humble pen and paper! As a natural scatter brain, I find that it really helps to jot down everything that I need to get done or need to remember and writing all of these sometimes dull to do lists in a really pretty notebook will change the way you feel towards the lists that you are writing and hopefully give you a smile!

4 – Eat the slice of cake! The pressure of looking good is so high in our society today and can really make you feel down and not like the view that you see in the mirror. I am a big supporter of healthy eating but sometimes you will have days when you feel like you need that slice of cake and why not! When you’ve been working as hard as you lovely ladies do then treat yourself and eat the cake!

5 – Do one little extra thing for your customers or clients! Go the extra mile to make sure that they’re happy and make them really feel valued!

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