Feeling Like You Are Someone Else

Hello Everyone, My Name is Libby

I have a question for you

Do you ever feel like you are someone else and sometimes  you do not feel like yourself?

I know exactly how you are feeling and what its like to feel like you have lost your real identity and not sure who you are anymore. The real you is there within you it is just that is  hidden within you, trying to come out so that everyone can see what an amazing woman you are.

People expect you to act a certain way which will confuse us and it makes us become someone we are not, which just makes us feel rubbish and unsure of who we are. Just Imagine yourself standing on a crossroads. You feel like you can’t move because you are unsure of how you should act, or who you should be.

Take a deep breath and take a  single step forward, and  remember there is only one of you and  that there is no one else is like you. You are a unique individual and if you were like everyone else the world would be a boring place.

On the outside people think you are a confident woman, as you go about your daily life you always have a smile on your face, as you don’t want people to know that anything is wrong, though on the inside it is a very different story. Even when you feel rubbish and lacking in confidence, just keep on smiling, it confuses people as they will think you are alright. I found smiling can instantly make you feel happier and better and make your day feel brighter.

I used to do so much for other people that I forgot to think about myself. You are allowed to do things for other people, just not all the time and it is ok to say no instead of always saying yes.

Make time for yourself and slow down, take some time out and be yourself, go and get your self pampered, do something you love doing like shopping, swimming, going for a walk,  have a manicure  or even read a book you keep meaning to read.

“We all have wings and are beautiful and are amazing individuals. Lets not forget that.”


Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

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