Extending Your Business Reach, Piece By Piece

Building up a business can often seem like a very complex game of chess. We have our pieces, and we have to arrange them in a manner that allows us to achieve a final checkmate – the active growth and success of our firm. However, extending your business piece by piece is much more complex than a game, and of course holds much more significant risk.

One of the worthwhile elements of expansion that every small business should consider is learning how to expand their reach. If you do this, you can approximate the best route forward, allowing customers to see your growth and begin to see you as a more trustworthy, capable operation worthy of supporting with their traffic.

In this article, we hope to explore a few fundamental measures you can take to this end, potentially allowing you to move forward to the best results with confidence, but never overstepping your mark or becoming arrogant in the pursuit of your success.

With this advice, you’ll see this is perfectly possible:

Your Logistics

It can be a real dream for many businesses to develop their own, humble-at-first logistics network. From using Saxon Bridge to equip themselves with cost-effective and reliable used vans for their drivers, to establishing a delivery radius of perhaps a few miles at first, a business can see just how cost-effective running their own delivery supply chain can be, effectively cutting out the middle man from the logistics network. Even small businesses can benefit from this, such as butchers delivering bulk-buys of their meat to certain restaurants in temperature-controlled conditions, to provide the best possible service. The possibilities are endless.

Your Recruitment Department

By now your recruitment may have been handled, from start to finish, by you. From posting the job listing to interviewing candidates and helping them through a trial shift, you may have taken the brunt of it. But when expanding, constructing your own recruitment department can be a worthwhile task. Hiring staff who can interview certain candidates, designing a policy or a more secure careers application portal can be time-saving and much more effective when implemented.

Your In-House Training

Running a training course in-house may be a great idea. Perhaps using an outsourced service to come and provide training and examinations at your premises can be the best course of action for your staff, or maybe running your own in-house accreditations to qualify someone to inspect the safety of the team. It’s important you see what the legislation is and what standards you have to adhere to, but there are no rules suggesting you cannot train staff as comprehensively as possible in matters unique to your firm. Taking the time to do this can help you train competent and efficient staff that are useful in almost every category.

With this advice, we hope you find it much easier to extend your business reach, even piece by piece at first.


Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

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