Expressing Yourself

Hello Everyone hope you are well
What do you do to express yourself, do you express yourself through the clothes you wear, the music you play, the jewellery you put on . Do you express yourself through dancing or even expressing yourself through your hobbies. I choose to express myself through creativity as I enjoy It and its fun to do which Is why I express myself from colouring

Adult colouring has become the latest craze and colouring Is not just for children anymore as Adults are now getting In on the act as well by grabbing a colouring books and pens to begin colouring intricate designs and enjoying what they are doing. There have been many adult colouring books which have been landing on book shelves nearly every week and the top ten best sellers are colouring books and they are lots of art therapy groups are being set up on Facebook. It is great for relaxing when you are feeling stressed or anxious It is very therapeutic and Its fun and there are no rules which I love so you can colour how you want. So however you express yourself have fun

this is the link to the number one best selling colouring book for adults


Sending You Sunshine and Smiles xx

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