Women's Business Club Events

Women’s Business Club is a large national network of businesswomen who are building a business or a career. Women's Business Club events is where we do our absolute favourite thing, that is to meet up in person, share our stories, support each other through our business expertise and pass business onto each other. Our meetups are super friendly and you can expect to find women of all shapes and sizes, dressed in a variety of styles and passionate about all sorts of things – in a nutshell we are women who support women and absolutely everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you at a Women's Business Club event.

If you can't find an event near to you don't worry, there are still options!

Start your own club:

We work in partnership with you, merging our brand with your personality. You are busineswoman who is passionate about connecting, supporting and empowering businesswomen in your community. Find out more here

Join us online:

Your business success is largely determined by the people you have around you. If we aren't able to connect you in person yet then surround yourself by awesome people online in the meantime, we will get a club up and running near to you very soon. Our Virtual Business Networking offers all that our in-person events offer except the lovely meals. Find out more here