Ethical Entrepreneur- The Values-Based Approach to Sustainable Success

My name is Paul Palmarozza and I am the founder of If I can…CIC, a UK based Community Interest Company(not-for-profit), whose aim is to use online technologies and social media to offer guidance about how natural human values can enhance the way we think, relate to others and act in business and in life. Over the last 5 years, daily emails, Facebook and Twitter pages have been used to deliver a free value app If I can…which was initially inspired by the poem If by Rudyard Kipling and the values offered by the Bhagavad Gita as guides for life. See

The new project, Ethical Entrepreneur, is an E-learning values app offering a values-based management approach to business. The initial target audience are entrepreneurs, managers of small businesses, business school students and self-employed individuals. The material offered may well be of interest to some large organisations seeking to attract and motivate young employees.


After a satisfying 54 year career in business, I have been very disappointed to observe the increasing degree of greed and corruption in business and the continuing obsession with maximising short-term profits. For many this has become the norm-everyone is doing it being the justification One of the main problems is a lack of a good example being set by business leaders. In a 2018 Sunday Times article it was quoted that the typical UK FTSE 100 CEO now rakes in £4,500,000 a year which is 170 times the average earning and more than 400 times the earnings of someone on the national living wage. The most disappointing factor is that these CEO’s then only remain in their position for an average of 4-5 years, which is not a good indication that the long-term sustainability of the organisation is a major priority for them. Shareholders and employees are objecting, but it will take some time to change this pattern.

The degree of stress and tension in business today is another factor, one which is proving to be very costly not only in terms of the financial losses but in the well-being of employees. A high degree of dissatisfaction with business conditions has been reported due in part to the excessive pressure being imposed on employees at all levels, to do whatever it takes to make the short term targets.

As a result of all this, there has been a serious erosion of trust in business over the last 10 years. A number of studies show that only around 30-35% of people interviewed trust business people, one of the lowest.

Trust, like a vase, once broken is difficult to repair.


I am currently a Guest Lecturer at Regents University Business School, on their Entrepreneurship Programme and have also lectured at other business schools in the UK, US and India. A common response from many young people is that they are not pleased with what they hear about the working environment in big business and as a result are considering starting their own business.

From a report carried out by PwC, millennials already form 25% of the workforce in the US and account for over half of the population in India. By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce.


The basic premise of the Ethical Entrepreneur values-based approach is that, in addition to possessing necessary business skills like finance and marketing, the management of a business needs to be guided by fine values like honesty, courage, and determination. If they are put into practice, then fine business values like credibility, innovation and productivity will manifest which are the keys to establishing a long term sustainable, responsible business. This will benefit all those involved including employees, clients, suppliers and members of the community. When new ventures are built on this strong foundation of fine values, then respect, trust and admiration for business leaders can be restored and business can better serve their important role in society. We want to support such an initiative on a global basis.

A good introduction to the offering can be obtained by visiting our website and reading the 4 brief introductory texts offered in the Learn More section. They cover:

  • The Importance of Entrepreneurship
  • Values in Business
  • Ethical Entrepreneur Values Profile
  • Ethical Decision Making

There are a total of 30 values covered in the program, exploring the practical application of these values in the performance of nine core management functions.

There are 3 elements to the offering:

  1. A free E-Mail version which provides a subscriber with daily input for 5 days a week on a value which includes images, text, videos, audio stories and a Mindfulness exercise which is followed by a question about how the value can be applied i.e. put into practice. There is no charge for this offering which will continue for 30 weeks. You can see a demo and Subscribe on our website
  2. An E-Learning version that provides the same range of material as the E-Mail version plus teaching material on the subject and more than 100 audio stories and videos, including many filmed interviews with experienced business people telling their stories about the practical application of fine human values. There are 30 modules which can be taken at a rate that suits each individual. The nominal charge for this offering is only £50. This revenue will enable us to continue the development of the app and to distribute it more widely.
  3. An E -Book on the subject which goes into more detail about the need for a change in the pressures for short term gain that is dominating business today and then sets out a road map for a values-based approach to business management. It includes video presentations by Business School Professors on the subjects of Values and Ethics in business as well as interviews of business people and consultants speaking about their view on a values-based, ethical approach to business. There will a charge of £5 for the E-Book, but it will be free for subscribers to the E-Learning version. The main topics are:

The State of Business in Society Today

Trust in Business?

The Millennial View of Business

Values in Business

The Ethical Entrepreneur Values Profile

Inspiring, Enlightened Leadership & Meditation

Ethical Decision-Making & Mindfulness


It is my belief that a new perspective is needed in business, one which is more sensitive to the needs of a wide range of participants, from employees, customers, the community and importantly the needs of society. There has been a growing concern about how the values of our consumer-oriented society and the subsequent habitual patterns of behaviour are causing dangers to the environment and to the state of the planet. These are real and present dangers and have for too long been ignored. The change in perspective is needed, one which offers a greater sense of care. Care for the needs of others – more We than Me. This change is where women can make a significant contribution.

More We than Me

Women in business are beginning to play a more important role and will continue to do so. As their influence expands, it is hoped that the response will not be towards copying the established pattern of working to maximise short term financial gains, but rather will focus on how to intelligently and sensitively establish and maintain sustainable, responsible businesses. In this way business can better serve society- as well as make a profit.

We believe that the values-based approach to business is one which will appeal to women, be they entrepreneurs, managers or self-employed and that Ethical Entrepreneur can help their efforts by providing useful practical guidance in how to make a business  Ethical & Effective, Principled & Profitable, Conscious & Commercial.   

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One more piece. Here is the link to the Kindle version of the E-Book for £5.

Any questions or comments please contact Paul Palmarozza, If I Can…CIC (Community Interest Company), Tel +44 79 7070 9977

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