Employee Marketing Ideas: How Your Staff Team Can Promote Your Business

There are all kinds of ways to market your business, of course. You can follow the traditional route and promote your company with flyers, phone calls, and ads in local news media. You can also stay in trend with digital marketing methods, using email, social media, and your website to grab the attention of current and potential customers. Useful marketing tactics all.


You should never overlook the power of your employees when it comes to marketing your business. If you have worked hard to please your team, they should be happy to act as brand ambassadors for you. They will do this naturally through positive word of mouth if they enjoy working for you, but to encourage them to go the extra mile, you might want to give them a few incentives. For example, you might give them a cash bonus or an extra day off if they have pulled in extra customers for you.

In this article, we are going to look at a number of ways in which your employees can promote your business. We hope you find them useful.

#1: Ask your employees to carry promotional products around with them

There are all kinds of promotional products for business. You can add your logo and business details to almost anything, including t-shirts, mugs, and pens. By handing these out to your employees, they can carry them almost anywhere. So, they might wear promotional clothing outside of work hours. They might use branded pens and mugs at home in front of their family and friends. And they could hand out some of these things to people they know, as the more people who have your branded products in their home, the higher the likelihood that more people will connect with your business.

#2: Encourage your employees to talk about your business

If your employees already have your promotional products with them, this will make it easier for them to start a conversation about your business. Or if other people notice the clothing or the branded items that your employees are using, they might naturally inquire about your business to your employees.  But whatever the case, encourage your employees to pass word of your business to others. It might be a stranger on the bus, a family member, a neighbor, or a loyal friend. While they could do this in a sales-like fashion, they might also be able to bring up the conversation naturally. So, if your business was related to IT, for example, your employee might get the opportunity to promote your business when they speak to somebody having computer problems. Get together with your employees, and perhaps role-play situations where they might be able to bring up your business in conversation. This will make it easier for them out in the real world.

#3: Ask your employees to use your product

If your business sells a particular product, then what greater way to showcase it than to get it into the hands of your employees. If they can use it in or out of the home, other people will get the opportunity to see and maybe experience it, and your employees will have the opportunity to give it a marketing push. So, think about your product. If it can become a part of your employee’s way of life, encourage them to push it as much as possible to the people they encounter in their daily lives.

#4: Encourage your employees to promote your business using their social media

Many of us have hundreds, if not thousands of people, connected to us through our social media networks, so imagine the marketing scope when your employees share news of your business through their social media accounts. They might also provide links to your business social media accounts and website through their pages, so any interested parties can easily reach you. Of course, some employees might be resistant to advertising your business on their personal accounts – they might not want to alienate their networks by promoting the company they work for too heavily – but the least they can do is list your business under the ‘work’ category on their personal details, or post the occasional update about your business when there is something newsworthy to report, such as a product launch or company milestone.

#5: Ask your employees to contribute to your blog

Assuming you have a company blog, of course, you can ask your employees to contribute to it if they feel comfortable in doing so. They might be able to write about how much they enjoy working for your company, or they might be able to write about a niche topic that will be of interest to your readers. New voices always attract more interest to blog readers, so the change in style and topic might offer better engagement. Of course, you will need to read through any posts yourself before they’re published, as you want to make sure the posted content is suitable and grammatically correct before it goes live on your website.

#6: Include employee testimonials on your website

You probably recognize the importance of customer testimonials on your website, as this is one way to gain the trust of people new to your business. However, have you considered your employees? If you could include positive quotes alongside pictures of their happy faces, or if you could provide video testimonials of your employees talking about your company, then you might attract more customers to your business. You see, many people boycott businesses when they hear of how staff have been mistreated, but if they see evidence of a happy employee, they might be willing to favor your business over others.

#7: Ask your employees to share a review online


Love them or loathe them, there are all kinds of business review sites online, where your customers will be only too happy to share what they think about your business. Of course, assuming they only have nice things to say, you shouldn’t be too worried about receiving any negative publicity. There are a lot of employer review sites too, so it’s worth paying attention to them. Assuming you are a fair employer, you could encourage your employees to post something on one of these sites. They might have done so already if they are happy working for you, but if not, you could offer them an incentive to do so.

We hope these ideas have been useful to you, but let us know what you think. And if you have any other useful employee marketing ideas, be sure to share your tips with us.

Thanks for reading!

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