Eight Top Tips for Attending a Conference

Image Credit: Werner Heiber

Got a conference coming up? There’s no need to worry, check out our top tips for attending conferences.


    1. Lanyards: the easiest way to keep your conference ID handy. Lanyards are also an easy marketing tool. Get some made up with your business details on it, and you’re marketing everywhere you go! If you are taking (or sending) employees, make sure they have your brand on their lanyard.

    3. Water bottles: make sure you drink plenty of water while you’re at conferences. It’s not difficult to get so busy and overwhelmed that you forget to keep yourself hydrated. There are some gorgeous ones out there, so you’re bound to look stylish as well.

    5. Schedule: it’s crucial to make your own schedule when attending a conference; otherwise, the time will whizz past you, and you won’t have gotten much out of the event. Spend time with the event’s listings and make your own timetable. You can even set reminders on your phone or download a scheduling app.

    7. Network: this seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked. A conference is a brilliant place to network; it’s what it’s all about. Don’t forget to do this around the panels and workshops. Ahead of time, see if groups are planning to meet up or running networking events you can attend. These often take place in the evenings after the conference itself.

    9. Budget: the glamorous business conference you’ve been looking forward to for months is going to swallow your purse whole if you don’t plan ahead. Run through all the likely costs and make a list. Budget for food, drinks at networking events, the hotel, extra fees for premium events, and anything else you can think of. Give yourself a limit on spending money and stick to it.

    11. Keep Receipts: a conference is an obvious business expense, so you will need proof of everything you spent. Designate a folder or box for any paper receipts and create a folder you can quickly drop your digital receipts into. Make time at the end of each day to update your records.

    13. Maximise Your Ticket Price: conference tickets are expensive, so you want to make the absolute most out of your time at them. Always check the event listings beforehand and pick the things that are most relevant or helpful to you. Prioritise the most important things and make sure you get to them. If events overlap, note down both in case of last-minute scheduling changes –  that way, your time won’t be wasted if one is cancelled.

    15. Take plenty of business cards: business cards are the absolute last thing you want to forget or run out of. Stock up on plenty, make sure they reflect your brand, and have up-to-date contact details on them. Take more than you think you’ll need and don’t use your old ones!


With all of this in mind, your conference experience should be great.

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