Editor’s Choice – LivOliv Nailpolish

Susan from LivOliv very kindly send me some of her nail polishes to review and I absolutely love them!

The most obvious thing to start off with is that her LivOliv nail polishes are Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic and Vegan and have a strong recycling policy. They recycle everything where possible, re-using packaging from parcels from their deliveries and buying in recycled packaging for things like the tissue paper used in the gift boxes.

I chose a deep red colour called Restore and a top coat. The colour is perfect, just what I was looking for in a red, not too bright but equally not too dull – it’s just right! Applying the polish is easy, the first coat glides on and dries quickly and the second coat just makes it richer and finishes the colour off nicely. My nailcare routine is always rushed so I apply the top coat almost right away which is great as it actually speeds up the drying time and adds that layer of protection that I need as I am very hard on my nails.

Having nicely painted nails always makes me feel more confident and successful as a businesswoman but equally, I enjoy the little bit of time that I set aside to paint my nails to remember to take care of and value me.

LivOliv is a great brand with a heart as they also support a charity called Angel Wishes, a support group for children in Northern Ireland fighting cancer-related conditions. So buying LivOliv nail polish not only pampers you but also makes a difference in the lives of poorly children.



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