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Posted 3 days ago by Sharon Moore

Bookkeeping to manage your business while you are busy running it.

 Accountant /  Warrington / 4 views

Posted 3 days ago by Nikki Ramskill

I am a UK-based GP, who has a specialist interest in how money affects my patients both mentally and physically. I have a wealth of...

 Life Coaching /  Bletchley / 3 views

Posted 4 days ago by Youniquebykatie

I am a family historian and genealogist. I run your ancestry tree which helps families find out more about their family history and roots of...

 Retail /  Eastleigh / 3 views

Posted 4 days ago by Nadine Gamble

Reducing what you pay each month for energy services, mobile phones, landline & broadband.  Cashback on everything you buy, free LED lighbulbs for you home. ...

 Utilities /  Clacton on Sea / 3 views

Posted 5 days ago by Azy Mandania

Hello, My name is Azy and I have a Coffee House which had to close due to COVID-19. I have started an online shop to...

 Arts & Crafts /  Birmingham / 4 views

Posted 5 days ago by Karen Bell

Womenswear shop selling gorgeous brands including RUNDHOLZ, Transit Par-Such, Crea Concept, Yaya and Nor Denmark

 Retail /  Wells / 4 views

Posted 1 week ago by Charlotte Marshall

I’m Charlotte aka Girl Friday Virtual Assistant, providing remote administration and PA support to organisations in the UK. A wealth of skills and experience from...

 Virtual Assistant /  Middlesbrough / 5 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Rachel Farnsworth

I am Rachel and I specialise in helping women reverse the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks in as little as 30 days. The method...

 Life Coaching /  Spalding / 5 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Seffie Wells

Specialist, sustainable baby products designed by experts with your baby in mind.   Multi award-winning British baby brand aidie London make the world's only baby...

 Retail /  London / 9 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Victoria Tan

As a fashion online store that specializes in women's fashion such as dresses for women, Avani Del Amour is recognized as a free-spirited fashion clothing...

 Retail / 11 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Annie Howarth

I am Annie Howarth, the Personal and Business Breakthrough Coach for high achieving Business Owners who have reached a junction and want to have more...

 Business Coaching /  Oxford / 8 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Stacey Whistance

I provide beautiful wax warmers, wax bars and much more to fill your home with fabulous scents! I can deliver locally, or orders can be...

 Retail /  Malvern / 9 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by Kirsty Strange

Online therapy conducted worldwide via videolink on Zoom. I help women in business to overcome addiction in 4 weeks so that they can stop hiding...

 Life Coaching /  Carlisle / 9 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by Ree Denhere

We connect corporate travellers and freelancers working away from home with quality hotels or serviced accommodation.

 Travel /  London / 14 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by Andrea Bodwell

Skirt Fanatic designs and sells premium quality reversible and adjustable wrap skirts online – www.skirtfanatic.com Designed in Devon, England. The skirts incorporate a detachable pocket...

 Retail /  Paignton / 13 views

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