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Muffin & Poppy


Posted 7 months ago by Angela De Souza

Every happy home should have a British Shorthair! We would love you to adopt a pedigree British Shorthair kitten with a reliable British Shorthair Breeder....

 Pets & Products /  Cheltenham / 136 views

Posted 6 months ago by Sian Jones

At Direct Cellars, we pride ourselves in exploring many great wines, selecting the best and educating wine lovers. Each month, our experts select superior wines...

 Retail /  Gloucester / 67 views

Posted 6 months ago by Philippa Haynes

We help businesses like yours talk about your product, service and brand and how it is unique in the market so that your message to...

 Marketing /  Bristol / 191 views

Olive and Berry


Posted 6 months ago by Natalie Tyson

Inspired by two cheeky black labs, Olive & Berry was born. It was created through a desire to find dog interior that was tailored to...

 Pets & Products / 111 views



Posted 6 months ago by Ajai Ranawat

evhop is a free, simple app for attendees to get more done at events-by giving them their time back! Most people go to events to...

 Marketing / 188 views

Posted 6 months ago by Madeleine Corley

Your holidays are important, make sure they’re looked after! As your Travel Counsellor I take care of everything with nothing extra for you to pay....

 Retail /  Gloucester / 69 views

Posted 6 months ago by Nicola Read

Babbl Social offer bespoke social media management packages to suit small businesses. Born from the knowledge that all businesses thrive from the benefit of a...

 Marketing /  Derby / 81 views

Posted 6 months ago by Amy Shaw

I started my career in the armed forces as a Communications Systems Operator and went on to work as administrative support and a recruitment resourcer...

 Virtual Assistant /  Cardiff / 66 views

Posted 6 months ago by Joanne Moorhouse

My name is Joanne & I offer Personal Brand Photography services to other businesses in Gloucestershire & beyond. Specialising in helping women entrepreneurs relax &...

 Marketing /  Cheltenham / 191 views

Posted 6 months ago by Angela De Souza

Angela De Souza is a motivational business speaker who is on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every business. She...

 Summit Speaker /  Cheltenham / 564 views

Posted 6 months ago by Gabriela Dragomir

Born from passion and love for people, Brainstorm Strategy aims to educate her clients to think differently if they want their results to be different....

 Summit Speaker / 373 views

Posted 6 months ago by Yvette

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE is a transformational business coach, consultant and recovering overachiever! Yvette is passionate about ensuring women have the optimum environment, tools and...

 Speaker, Summit Speaker / 221 views

Posted 6 months ago by Dylis Guyan

In 2000, she set up her own company working with businesses to increase sales revenue by: Her clients want to know how to how to...

 Speaker, Summit Speaker / 212 views

Posted 6 months ago by Ozana Giusca

Known as the Smart Profits Accelerator, Ozana Giusca is a born entrepreneur who has run businesses in retail, fashion, consulting and technology. She was voted...

 Speaker, Summit Speaker / 320 views

Posted 6 months ago by Hils Crisp

I help women with heart-centred, service-based businesses (such as coaches, wellbeing practitioners, spiritual businesses, photographers and designers) or those personal brands who are at the...

 Speaker, Summit Speaker / 172 views

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