Dragonnes Den


The Maximise Dragoness’ Den is an opportunity for businesswomen to pitch either a new business idea or a new product or service to our dragonesses.

“Pitching in the Dragoness’ Den was a great challenge and a rewarding experience in itself. The feedback that I received has already helped me to continue developing Rockallwight PR. I couldn’t have done this without the practical and moral support of my peers at the Women’s Business Club and I am so grateful for their help.” – Claire Cunningham, 2018 Winner, Read Claire’s story and press coverage.

“I can’t recommend this enough. The process and the prize are totally priceless when it comes to moving your business forward and in the right direction. The value of the private session alone is incredible but winning is, of course, is the ultimate aim.” – Lynda Taverner, 2017 Winner, Read Lynda’s story.
“Winning Dragoness’ Den was definitely a life changer for me! My business was in its infancy and the support and advice I had was incredible. The fabulous ladies on the panel gave me some very valuable advice on how to streamline my business and grow it to its full potential. I have now been featured in many magazines, newspapers and on the radio. I sell my products in 2 major online stores and I am currently having them outsourced to move over to the wholesale market.  Winning Dragoness’ Den was an incredible experience for me and one that also gave me confidence and the knowledge that my business was on the right track. I now own two businesses and the support from.” – Chrissie Lowery, 2016 Winner

Last Year's Dragons:

Dragoness – Delia Zanatta

Head Dragon – Abi Howell

Dragon – James Phipps

Last Year's Prizes

The Prize package worth over £8,000:
Women’s Business Club – Silver Membership £1,100
Angela De Souza – Business Mentoring £1,800
3 Degrees Social – Linkedin Strategy £500
Truly Tailored Recruitment – Apprentice Recruitment £1,200
Janette Edmonds – Photography with Accommodation £500
Librotas and Step by Step Listening – Book Mentoring £1,418
Black Nova Designs – Website Design and Hosting £1,000
Kristina Jurkute –  Dress for Success Wardrobe Styling £500
Elation Experts – Sales Coaching Call – £250

What happens after you sign up :
You will receive an email that you need to respond to right away.
Abi, our head Dragoness will contact you with an appointment date.
You will have a thorough business review and an opportunity to pitch.
Two semi-finalists will be selected to pitch live at Maximise!

Previous Winners

Claire Cunningham – 2018 Winner

Lynda Taverner – 2017 Winner

Claudia Chanoca – 2015 Winner

Chrissie Lowery – 2016 Winner

Julia Hawkins – 2014 Winner