Customer Lovin’ : 3 Clever Tactics That Will Make Your Customers Adore You

To make your business a success, you don’t just want to keep your customer happy, you really want them to adore you above any other brand out there, especially compared to any of the others that are in your field. Happily, you can find some clever tactics below that will help your customers only have eyes for you.

Look out for their best interest

One smart way that you can ensure your customer love you rather than just like you is to look out for their best interest as well as your own business.

Happily, there are several ways of doing this including using security measures like Jumio’s award-winning Netverify solution that will ensure that no one but you customer can use their account. Something that can help them to feel protected with your company and so foster a much more positive relationship.

Additionally, during the selling process, it’s essential that you are as honest with your customers as possible even if that means that they buy a slightly less pricey item this time around. After all, by doing this, you show that their satisfaction matters to you as well as your bottom line, thus winning their trust. Something that will encourage them to come back to you for purchase over and over again.

Don’t bore them

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Another smart way of ensuring that your customers adore you is to provide that they are never bored, no matter what touch point they are interacting with your business at. What this means is that your online content needs to be entertaining, and your website needs to have excellent UI and UX.

It can even relate down to such small things as the type of music that you choose to play while customers are on hold, or the images that you use in your email shots.

Remember, bored customers, are much more likely to navigate elsewhere or query whether they could get the same thing from someone else. Therefore, to ensure they stay in love with your brand be sure that you keep them as engaged as entertained as possible.

Promote equality in the relationship

Everyone has had an experience with a salesperson that was just waaaaaay too over the top. You know the one that won’t let you get a word in edgeways is obviously determined to offload their product on you whether you actually want it or not.

Of course what this does, more often than not, is act as a big put off, and creates a ‘them and us’ mentality between the customer and the person selling the items. Not something that many customers will appreciate let alone adore.

Happily, by creating a more equal relationship between you and your customers, where you are ‘in it together’ and there to help, you can avoid this. In fact, as offer content and service that is of value to them, you are much more likely to get a positive response, and as that is much more likely to get you sales over the long term, it’s a strategy well worth trying.

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