Creating Adverts That Work!

Advertising is purely communication between company and customers. Companies use advertisement as a tool to introduce their brand to customers and to convince consumers to purchase the product.

A good advertisement must fulfill two requirements: first, it must be able to reach the targeted customers segment; and second, it must deliver the right message to the targeted audience. In the communication process, sender, which is the company, sending signals to receivers, who are targeted customers. A marketer must make sure the messages that are sent to customers are understandable to them, and, therefore have more chance to reach the targeted customers and be accepted by them.

It is often difficult for people from different segments to communicate with each other. It is like a someone who would hardly keep up with a make-up artist when talking about cosmetics. The reason is that make-up artists would have used many specific terms about cosmetics that most people may not know about. The same thing happens to advertisements and customers. It’s hard to keep customers getting interested in an advertisement using words they cannot understand when introducing the product.

So, the key here is to speak the same ‘language’ with the customers in advertising. Depending on the type of customers that the company wants to target, marketers should tailor specific messages that could send the right ideas about the product to the customers.


In order to offer good advertising content, you should start asking yourselves 3 questions:

First, what do you sell? With this question, once again you could have a descriptive idea about you product/service: functions, benefits from using it, appearances, quality, usages, etc. Knowing what you sell is required for targeting your customers, the one who would be benefited from your product/service.


Second, who is your customer? This question is used to help you know who would interest in your product/service, and who you want to target. As the result, you could identify the exact audience who would view your advertisement, which is vital in the next 2 questions.

Third, what do you want to tell them? This time, try to figure out the message you should send to your audiences. Customers only want to know about the benefits they could have from using your service/product. However, different types of customers have different types of demand. Just take the customers of colouring books for example. If the customers are children, they would want the big and simple pictures; but if the customers are adult, then the complicated pictures would better suit their interests. Or for McDonald’s, if they want to target children, they would show playful advertisements which have children having fun eating in McDonald’s; but when they make an advertisement for adults, they send the messages that McDonald’s is a brand that offer healthy food to their customers. It is very important to send the right words to the right people in order to get the best results.


To conclude, no matter what you sell, it is vital to know about your customers if you want to have a good content for your advertisement. It is the same as knowing that the person you are talking to would give you a chance to have a good conversation with them. Knowing your customers will allow you to effectively introduce your brand to them through advertising.


Written with thanks by our intern, Vân Thẩm, who is studying Msc Marketing at Gloucestershire University.

Vân is from Vietnam and has been living in the UK for 8 months. She hopes to stay in the UK and work in creative copy. Her mother is her inspiration and supported her on this journey.

Cooking, knitting and reading novels keeps Vân busy in her spare time. She loves kittens and anything with fur!

Keep in touch with Van at [email protected]

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