Creating A Productive Office Environment

For small businesses, making the most out of your working hours is crucial, but in an office it can be easy to get distracted. From chatting about last night’s TV through to fiddling with the radio, there are so many ways that you and your staff can be put off your work. These suggestions should help you to make your office environment more productive and leave your staff ready to make your business a success.

Turn the music down low

Listening to music during the working day is a great way to keep people focused and make a friendly atmosphere, but make sure that the music is not too loud, as this will distract staff and make it hard for them to concentrate on their tasks. Also, if you have a quality phone system then clients and suppliers may hear your music, which will make your business seem unprofessional. Keep the volume at a reasonable level and your office will be a much nicer place to work.

Keep things tidy

Having a clean and tidy office can make a real difference to productivity. Whilst it is important to make sure everyone clears up after themselves, you should also consider working with a professional cleaning service. One company operating throughout the UK is Ideal Cleaning who are a common choice amongst office owners. They have a specialist office cleaning service that will ensure that your office is left neat and presentable, leaving your team free to work in a clean space.

Offer regular short breaks, rather than one long one

If staff have regular breaks, then they will be more productive and less likely to become distracted during working hours. After all, they will be able to eat their snacks and meals in their break times and have a quick chat, then get back to work. By creating a distinction between work time and break time you will be able to ensure that your staff get as much work done during their working hours as possible.

Give your staff quality technology

There’s nothing worse than a lagging computer or a printer that keeps getting jammed, so make sure that you invest in reliable office technology. By working with a trusted supplier of office technology such as Office Technology Corporation you will allow your team to work on building your business, rather than constantly having to fix their equipment or wait for it to be repaired.

Support staff to help keep the chatter to a minimum

It is always great to be able to vent at work, but this can be distracting for everyone in your office and may lead to reduced productivity for everyone involved. If one of your team is having a hard time, make sure you support them and give them the time to get their problems off their chest before you all move on. Also, if a particular employee is a constant talker, speak with them about this and work with them to ensure that they can still enjoy their time at work but don’t distract their fellow team members.

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