Creating A Brand For Your Business With No Design Experience And Low Budget

When you work by yourself, you soon find that you have to wear many hats to make things succeed. From being the accountant, the customer services representative to the marketing executive, you are solely responsible for every aspect of your business. This is the reality for many freelance workers.

But one of the biggest challenges you can face is building a brand for yourself. Without design experience or budget, this can feel like an impossible task, but fortunately, it’s easier than ever. There are a lot of tricks and tools out there that will enable you to create a brand that’s what you’re about, and feel proud that you did it all by yourself.

Here are some pointers for creating a brand for your business with no design experience and low budget.

Consider you, your business and your audience

To be able to create a successful brand for your business, you need to think about brand identity. Your brand needs to reflect what your business does, what your values are and needs to connect to your target audience. Write down ‘I want my business to be…’ on a piece of paper and list three values you’d like your business to have.

At this stage, it’s useful to research other brands and competitors’ brand identities to see how they’ve managed to create a brand identity that people identify with and recognise easily.

Give your brand a personality

Creating a personality for your brand is a key part of building a brand identity. If you think about most brands, they all have some kind of personality. What do you want yours to be? Innovative, a hipster, fashionable? Think of how your brand will talk, what it would look like if it were a person, and so on. This can really help you start to visualise colours and concepts ready to go into the design stage of building your brand.

Create a cool, simplified logo

A logo will tie your business together, help people to recognise it and give your business a more professional look. While the thought of designing your own logo might be scary, the good news is that simplicity is a hot design trend, so it could be very simple to create a logo that you like and that can be used across your business.

Canva is a fantastic tool that can help you design your logo from scratch. You don’t need any design experience to be able to use it, and you could have a great logo knocked up in minutes.

Work on all of the other assets you’re going to need

After designing your logo, you’re going to think about all of the other assets your business will need. Elements such as fonts, letterheads, email signatures, etc. are all important, and it’ll be useful to have everything ready to go for future use. As well as the online and digital elements, you should also think about any offline branding requirements you might have like business cards, pens and marketing materials.


Once you’ve settled on your brand and seeing how it can be used further, it’s a good idea to create some brand guidelines. This will help you keep things consistent and means someone else will be able to easily follow your brand’s rules if you decide to take any work externally or bring another person on board.

Implement your brand across the business

Now that you have your brand in place, put it at the heart of everything you do. This will help customers and clients identify your brand and make it easier when it comes to the various elements of your business.

After finding success in creating your logo and brand identity, you can use other great tools to your advantage to keep your brand consistent. Beautiful.AI is the presentation software that has everything, which can allow you to create some visually stunning work ready to dazzle clients and customers. You can take advantage of many tools that make light work of design, helping you to keep your costs down and take charge of things yourself.

Creating a brand is one way to create a buzz around your business and help it to shine. It can be a lot of hard work to take on by yourself, but with the range of tools and tutorials that are out there, it will become easier. Focus on creating a brand that reflects who you are and best represents your business. Having a brand you can be proud of can help you feel more confident in launching your new business and make things feel more real. What do you want your brand to say about you? Start planning now.

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