CORPORATE: Attracting, retaining and advancing women in your workplace.

Our corporate membership is aimed at companies who want to grow by growing their people. We help to facilitate gender balance in your businesses and reap the proven business rewards. As of 2020 the Women's Business Club membership consists of approximately 65% SMEs and 35% senior corporate executives. The new corporate membership will expand our system to all female staff within companies.

Have a read of the full prospectus on the left, the key offering is:

  • CPD
    Monthly training
    Leadership training
    Access to training vault
  • CSR
    Diversity & inclusion
    Charitable causes
    Environmental sustainability
  • Mental Health Support
    Safe space to talk to peers
    Team building days
    Sport & physical wellness
  • Marketing
    Sponsorship opportunities
    Digital media engagement
  • Branding
    National brand awareness
    Employer of choice
    Company Image
  • R&D
    Focus groups
    Confidential surveys & samples
    Knowledge sharing
    CollaborationTax relief

Hosting a club at your company

We will set up a club at your company, training up leaders and supply resources along with our Success Story System to offer full support, unleashing the full potential of your female staff. It's an incredible system that will tick many of your CPD, HR, Investors In People, Training, Mental Health and so many other boxes all wrapped up in one unique and effective package for a fraction of the price if you were to cover all the above-mentioned areas individually.

We would love to chat to you about how we can support your female staff. Please get in touch and arrange a call at [email protected]