Consistency, The Compound Effect & Being The Best Version Of Yourself

I believe we should aim to be better versions of ourselves each and every day. This should apply to all aspects of our life, at home and at work. That’s all great in principle, but how we can be better if the taxman, weather, traffic delays and ‘life’ is against us?  Jim Rohn, American author and a motivational speaker often said “Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.”. It is simple to blame the circumstances for the situation we are in. The truth is, we are where we are because of how we reacted to situations in the past. It is in what we do and not what happens to us that creates our life, our lifestyle.

` January is recognised by many as a time for new beginnings. It is not only a beginning of a new year but  a time when we say goodbye to old habits. Many of us will start diets or quit smoking, but will all of us stick to it? Unlikely. The American Psychological Association suggests, if we want change we should start small and be consistent. The Power of consistency creates a compound effect.

What is a compound effect?

“Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE”  –Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect can be explained as a series of small, SMART choices repeated over and over to bring lasting rewards and success. I use this principle at my clinic with clients that need to change their health habits to improve quality of life. To achieve the goal of a healthier client, I create a care plan and introduce one small step at a time, e.g. hydration. I would help my client find a way to drink enough water each day. After a month we would have a checkup and if the client is successful

in achieving the goal, we would introduce an another one e.g. stretching or  posture correction. Throughout the year my clients implement many healthy lifestyle habits and start making healthier choices. This happens alongside his/her normal life, no dramatic changes needed. Thanks to the power of the compound effect and consistent, small steps repeated every day my clients appreciate healthier lives.

Consistency in business

“Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum.”  –Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

The power of consistency is not just about improving your wellbeing, it can be even more powerful if used to improve your business.

Businesses that are consistent are more likely to succeed and maintain success.  Coca Cola’s consistency marketing as a brand is met with outstanding customer service – consistently! Year after year, Coca-Cola sends out the same message, reminding us of the joys in life, sharing good moments with friends and family (Please note I am not encouraging you to drink the brand but to be encouraged to be more like the brand in its marketing consistency).

In a nutshell, consistency is important in your business for three main reasons:

Appearance – To the outside world, businesses implementing consistency appear more organised than those where change is constant. When you create a consistent environment you help your workers and customers feel comfortable with you.

Higher Levels of Productivity – Less change and more consistency in task requirements and employee treatment creates a nurturing environment where employees can dedicate their time to the completion of employed duties, leading

to an increase in productivity rather than adjusting to multiple changes in procedure.

Taking Care of Your Employees – Consistency in employee care should not start and finish with a Christmas party or annual bonus. Caring for your employees’ wellbeing,

benefits for your business as well as for them. According to Harvard Review, Johnson & Johnson reported a comprehensive, strategically designed investment in employees’ health pays off. J&J’s estimate that their ROI was $2.71 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

If you have any comments about this article or the power of the compound effect please contact me on magdalena@wellnessinmotion, I would love to hear your view.

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