Choosing the Perfect Accessories for an Interview or Pitch Meeting

Whether you’re a career woman or an entrepreneur, there will be times when you want to give off a good first impression in a professional context. It could be an interview for the job of your dreams, or your one chance to sell your new business idea to important potential investors. It could be a sales pitch, or your first time speaking at an important conference for your industry. In all of these situations, giving off a smart, professional and winning appearance is crucial.

When most people think about these things, however, they tend to focus on the big things – their clothes and their hair and make-up. While these all play a major role in your business look, what can make all the difference and take even a plain suit up to the next level, are accessories. Here we look at some ideas:

Your Bag

The bag you bring with you may well need to carry your laptop or tablet, and possibly also other things like documentation or brochures. Even if you don’t need to bring a laptop bag or a briefcase type bag, you still want your handbag to have a professional look. This means it is a good idea to opt for something classic and chic, as well as with the functional capacity you need for the stuff you need to bring.

Carrying more than one bag can make you look overburdened, so it is better to go for a big chic day bag, like some of the Saint Laurent bags you can find in the newest line at SSENSE, than to have a small handbag and a laptop bag. SSENSE has a wonderful selection of high-end bags from luxury brands that will give you the classy, sleek look you want.

Add Subtle Colour

When men wear business dress, they can add a little colour in an appropriate way using their shirt, tie or even small details like a tie pin or cufflinks. These items don’t really fit with women’s business dress, but a luxurious scarf can be a good way to add a little colour in the same way men use ties, without making your outfit look less serious but avoiding having it look dreary and forgettable.


If you wear glasses, even if you don’t normally wear them all the time, you may want to consider wearing them for the meeting or interview. It is a fairly silly cliché that people think those who wear glasses are more serious and intellectual – there is, after all, no correlation at all between vision and personality or mental ability – but it is something that some people do subconsciously react to anyway! Make sure you wear smart, sophisticated frames, however, which aren’t too distracting, trendy or unusual, so they fit the tone of your outfit.

There are plenty of options on the market for classic style glasses that project an air of authority. Let’s face it, if there’s a chance that a smart pair of specs will help win over the people you’re pitching too, then it makes sense to take every advantage you can muster.

These are a few things to think about when planning how you will accessorise your look for an important meeting or other business event. Give them a try!

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