Change Management Tips for Companies Building a Van Fleet

Assembling a fleet of vans for your business is obviously going to come with its own set of challenges, as it is not something that you can just wake up and decide to do one day. Depending on the size of the fleet, you could find yourself with a logistical nightmare on your hands unless you have a plan in place for how youll manage the process. With that said, here are a few change management tips you can use to implement positive progress and fruitful change when developing your van fleet’s operational procedures and policies.

1. Obtain Fleet Insurance First

Insurance is not just a safety net for your fleet of vans its also a legal requirement in the UK. Fortunately there are ways to make the process of insuring your fleet of vans both straightforward and cost effective. For example, you can use an unbiased fleet insurance comparison platform like Quotezone to quickly compare policies, providers and prices, making it more likely that youll find the right policy at the right price.

2. Practice Thorough Budgeting and Financial Planning

Any time you’re going to be investing a significant amount of money into a substantial change, such as adding a van fleet, it‘s important to consider every possible expense when creating your budget. Even beyond the expenses that you can come up with during a lengthy brainstorming and research session, try to add a cushioning reserve of ten to twenty percent for unforeseen expenses. Basically, you never want to jump into having a fleet that you won’t be able to afford in the long run.

3. Thoroughly Train All Fleet-Related Employees

Any of your employees who will be responsible for managing or operating the fleet should undergo extensive training and orientation before the vans hit the road for the first time. This will ensure that everyone is prepared to do their job properly without unnecessarily occupying your time with questions and concerns along the way. Laying a solid foundation from the beginning is the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of logistical errors and driver-caused mishaps.

4. Hire the Right Drivers

If you’ve got great drivers who know what they‘re doing and are reliable, you’ve already won half the battle. Of course, proper hiring is always a consideration that needs to be made during any intensive change management campaign, especially when you’re dealing with the kind of monetary value and risks that are associated with a van fleet. But, if one or more of your drivers doesn’t have a lot of experience, make sure they know the basics of van driving before their first trip.

5. Purchase the Right Vehicles

Having reliable vans will go a long way in helping to avoid any issues that could arise due to mechanical problems. On the other hand, if you try to cut corners with used vans that are being sold at a bargain, you could wind up losing all of your savings and more when the cost of repairs and maintenance is added up. Thus, the safest approach is always to lease the newest and most mechanically sound vans you can reasonably afford.

Follow These 5 Steps and You’re Set

Overall, if you really make an effort to heed the change management tips given above with a through and well-researched approach, there shouldn’t be any major stumbling blocks on your way to introducing this major change into your company operations. With a multi-faceted approach to risk mitigation and preparation, you’ll find that van fleet management will be relatively simple.

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