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Like All Good Speeches, Sometimes You Need To Mix It Up A Bit

I’m Bev Hepting | The Message Maestro and I specialise in showing businesswomen how to create and deliver the perfect business message.    As an award-winning speaker and coach, I have worked with hundreds of women to take them from terrified to triumphant in the past couple of years.  From my background in Theatre, Teaching voice
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Running Your Own Tight Ship Behind The Scenes

What goes on behind the scenes in many industries is actually where the most consistent work is done. You won’t look at any business in the media the same ever again once you get a taste for the various hidden tasks you need to do for your own business. Administrative tasks are often seen as
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5 Great Careers For Tech Enthusiasts

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons.  Do you love technology? Here are five modern jobs that could allow you to explore your passion for tech. Such jobs are likely to have stable future and are also relatively well-paid. Get into data analytics Data analytics is often heralded as one of the hottest new jobs. It
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5 Reasons Why Business Networking Doesn’t Work

Networking doesn’t work! No seriously, I know I run a major UK business network for women, but unless it is done properly business networking just doesn’t work. And until businessmen and women learn how to network we will see a lot of people agreeing that networking doesn’t work. Before I launch into my 5 reasons
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Buying Supplies For Your Cleaning Start-Up Business

If you are in the process of starting your very own cleaning company you will be eagerly anticipating the exciting times that are ahead of you. Nonetheless, your mind is also probably filled with an endless list of things to do. One of the most important things you will need to cast your attention to
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Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Startup

Every startup needs a lawyer on their side. Conflicts, disputes, and other legal issues can arise while your business grows and expands. You could get hit with a lawsuit out of nowhere. It’s important for your business to stay protected at all times. This can prevent some costly mistakes from happening. Here are five reasons
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How To Create A Unique Fragrance

image by pixabay  If you want to try something new in your life this year, starting a business can be a truly wonderful thing to do. There are lots of amazing opportunities out there for you to grow and shine, and as a company it is important for you to really come up with something
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LtoR - AAI intern alumni Mandy Cheung, Bonita Ngonyani, Kirsten Blackburn, Lawrie Davidson, AAI CEO Joy Lewis, Amy McLaren, Kara Weekes & Anais Guillemaud

Founder calls for ‘equality of opportunity’ as Adopt an Intern celebrates 1500 milestone

The Founder and CEO of socially-driven graduate employment specialists Adopt an Intern (AAI) has called for more inclusive employment practices as the organisation places their 1500th candidate into paid work. AAI has been championing gender diversity and ‘equality of opportunity’ in Scotland since 2010. In the last year, 44% of applications to STEM (science, technology, engineering,
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What Does Google’s Viagogo Ban Mean?

Source: Wikimedia The internet’s biggest secondary ticket-seller, Swiss-based firm, Viagogo, has been banned from Google’s paid-for search results by the Silicon Valley giant. It’s a decision that comes out of the blue after years of protests and lobbying by music fans and bands alike, and many didn’t see it coming. So? What’s the big deal?
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Keeping Yourself Together And Professional In A Stressful Job

With the greatest respect in the world, some jobs out there are smooth sails. You clock in and do the same monotonous tasks over and over. It’s not the fanciest stuff in the land, but you know what you’re doing and you can pick up your paycheck with little bother. It may not excite you,
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