Beware The Risks Of Your Growing Reliance On Tech

Digital technology is taking over the average office and the average modern business in a big way, if that wasn’t already obvious. Our reliance on tech, and increasingly complex forms of it, only becomes clearer as time goes on. But with that reliance also comes the fact that it can be a major vulnerability. Poor
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10 Great Nonprofits and the Women Behind Them

Women leaders today are portrayed to be more proficient than their male counterparts in taking initiatives, exhibiting honesty and integrity and delivering results, in a survey conducted by Zenger Folkman. Issues such as lack of access to health and education have indeed been around for decades, maybe even centuries, but there is progress through the
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evhop - Women's Business Conference

Get more done at Women’s Business Conference 2019 – Introducing evhop!

The main objective for participants at events is doing more new business.  It is exhilarating to think of the potential new customers, suppliers, partners and contacts you will meet.  These contacts can fundamentally change your business for the better-amazing! But with so many conversations to have and people to meet, how do you make sure
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Women’s Business Conference 2019 – Get more done!

Want to do more new business at events?  It’s simpler than you think… The main objective of people attending conferences and expos is making new contacts and doing more business.  In our survey, 83% of respondents stated that doing more business was their primary objective in attending. But here is the thing.  Most people do
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Building Your Business’ First App

There are many reasons why you might want to develop and build an app for your business. It might be that you want there to be an easy portal for your customers to go through, so that they can have access to your services all in one place – banks make particular use of that,
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5 Ways To Create The Perfect Business Website

Every business needs a website, and there is plenty of freedom when it comes to creating the perfect one for you. Let’s be honest here, though, we’ve all seen some pretty terrible websites out there. From those with below par graphics to websites that we simply can’t navigate very well, it can be super off
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3 Uses Of The Internet Your Business Could Benefit From

Photo by from Pexels It’s probably not necessary to try and convince you that the internet is a powerful tool for use in business. Chances are, you know that full well, and you use it already day after day in a myriad of different ways. If you have been in business for many years, you might even
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Is Developing a Mobile App a Worthwhile Investment in Your Business?

In a world where everybody is going mobile, there are huge opportunities waiting for businesses that are armed with a solid mobile strategy – and mobile app development is one of the core components. As you may already be aware, the mobile app industry is an extremely lucrative market, with recent statistics showing that global
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Women's Business Club News

5 Great Careers For Tech Enthusiasts

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons.  Do you love technology? Here are five modern jobs that could allow you to explore your passion for tech. Such jobs are likely to have stable future and are also relatively well-paid. Get into data analytics Data analytics is often heralded as one of the hottest new jobs. It
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Reasons To Use Software To Grow Your Business

  Running your own business can be incredibly hard work and if you’re going it alone, it can be hard to keep up with all of the tasks you have to do in order to succeed. Whilst it may seem impossible to stay on top of everything, using software is a great way to free
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