Public Speaking

4 Reasons to Speak Up More at Work

Finding your voice can often be difficult in the workplace, and even more so if you are a woman. For decades, women have often been overlooked, talked down, or simply dismissed when trying to be heard, but if you are serious about going further in your career and personal fulfilment, then it is time to
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Professional Orators Use These Tricks To Trigger Emotional Responses In Their Audiences

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels Have you ever sat in an audience in the presence of a professional orator and felt swept up in their words? If so, it probably didn’t happen by accident. Instead, that person likely had special training that enabled them to trigger your emotions, pull on your heartstrings, and make you forget your troubles
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Barnet Tribe -May Theme – ‘Back to Basics’

Join us on online via Zoom on Friday 15th May at 7:30 where an interesting speaker would be talking about ‘Back to Basics’  How you can move your business forward by going back to where it all started and get back to the super simple. Jo Dodds would be speaking to us on Friday Bio Jo
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Carole Spiers Women's Business Club

Why women who work for themselves need to speak up and speak out

#KnowledgeExchange Women’s Business Club’s #KnowledgeExchange has been designed to recognise that all of our members have knowledge to share and that we’re all experts in the stuff that we know. Each month, we leverage our collective voice and empower our members to upskill each other by exchanging their knowledge. February is our Mindset month. In this
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Struggling To Motivate Your Staff?

If you want your staff to work hard and efficiently, you need to keep them motivated. If you’re staff aren’t motivated, they’ll begin to slack and you’ll start to lose their respect. Here are just a few tricks to keep your staff engaged and encourage them to work their hardest. Introduce incentives that your staff
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Turn Passion into Profit

My wonderful father-in-law gave me this book, Turn Passion into Profit by Andy Harrington, as a gift for Christmas 2016 and it took me almost a whole year to read it. You see, if I read a book quickly then it means I have learned little but had an enjoyable read all the same. However,
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