Succeed In Buy-To-Let Property Investment – 4 Straightforward Strategies

One of the most popular businesses for women to run is leasing property. That is, they buy a home, renovate it and then rent it out for a monthly income. Of course, to succeed in such an arena, there are a few things that you need to know. Luckily, you will find the most important
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Commercial Renovation Tips that will Help you to Get the Best Result out of your Upgrade

It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of a commercial space right now or whether you are looking to open up a new office or store because it’s more than likely that you have considered renovating now and again so you can make your space your own. This is great, but renovating a building
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Women's Business Club Awards

Woman in Property and Construction

Sponsorship opportunitties available for this year’s Woman in Property and Construction.   The Woman in Property and Construction is designed to showcase and celebrate women in this industry across the UK. Women still only represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK and the aim of the awards is to highlight women who
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So You’re Moving Up The High-Rise Ladder…

What does working in a high-rise building say about a business, without using any words? Well, immediately it gives the impression that you are successful, that you are part of a booming economy and industry. Automatically there is an air of importance and quite clearly a showing of success. For employees, they can be proud
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