York Tribe Night

The Power of Podcasting! York November Tribe Night

Join me on the 21st of November for our fantastic power hour about The Power of Podcasting. An insight into the world of podcasting. What is a podcast? How many people listen to podcasts in the UK? How a podcast helps share your passion, knowledge and expertise. How you can use a podcast to reach
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How Can Your Business Reach More People?

It’s all a numbers game. If you have a business, then you’ll have more chance of finding long-term success if you’re able to get your company’s offerings in front of as many people as possible. The more people that you’re able to reach, the more people you’ll get on the hook — and the more
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Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing Game

As we progress further and further along in time, we’re becoming more and more technological. One hundred years ago, we relied on a few bits of primitive technology to help us with stuff – the rest of the burden was on the shoulders of hard-working people. If you could go back in time and show
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How to Add Emojis to Infusionsoft Email Subject

I heard a chuckle then a loud, “I told you so!” coming from my daughter who was sitting in our living room playing on the Xbox while I watched a webinar hosted by a well-respected marketing guru. She overheard him saying that we need to use emojis in our email marketing. Grrrr I thought, I
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Marketing Musings That Will Help Your Business Grow Faster

Making sure your marketing plan is on point is essential if you want to grow your business. Many businesses aren’t content to wait years for theirs to grow, though – they want their business to expand now. While it’s important to make sure you can handle your growth (this often means growing strategically, as many
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Chatbot for beginners with Angela De Souza

Chatbot for Beginners

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Business Marketing?

When it comes to running a business, you need to be aware of all aspects of getting it just right. After all, when you start out, you take a big risk to possibly leave a wage behind and the security that a job can give you. You want to ensure that you make your business
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Why Your Business’ Online Presence Is Failing

If you are in business of any kind, you will be all too aware that there are many things you need to be focused on in the online world if that business is to succeed. The truth is that this kind of online presence that you need to cultivate is hugely important if you are
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Absolute Essentials You Must Remember When Launching a Startup Business

It is really important that you are dedicated and committed when it comes to launching a startup business in 2018. There are loads of elements that have to fit together well in order for you to make sure you are launching the right business and that you are going to be on the path to
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How to Write Way More Professional Emails (Starting Today)

There is far more to writing an email than just saying what you need to say. You need to think about the introduction, the point you are trying to make, the tone and even the person who you are messaging. One small mistake could make you look unprofessional as well, and this is the last
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