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How to Uncover Your Vision

We all have imaginations travelling freely down pathways of desire or fear, but over time we learn to suppress the fantasies and limit our reality. It is time to undo the suppression, and start living a life we desire most!  After all, by failing to connect our wildest dreams and our reality leaves us stuck.
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Goal-Setting Ideas To Move Your Business Forward

You don’t need to wait until the start of another new year to set goals for your business. Goal-setting is something you should focus on throughout the year, whether it’s an adaptation of existing goals or new goals that you might never have considered before. By setting goals, you will have something to focus on.
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How to Set Yourself Up for Success… Without Burning out

When it’s time for an up level in your business, it’s also time for an up level in your Self-Care. Stronger boundaries. More relaxation. MORE (not less!) time off. Gandhi said: ‘I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one’ That guy was onto something… The world
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Quit Complaining!

Stop pinning your hopes and dreams on outside sources!

”RUBBISH! I was just in the mood to get my head down and then everything went off the rails and I couldn’t get ‘it’ done!” SHUT UP! Seriously, no one cares! I love you, I really do, but unless I tell you the truth you are NEVER going to make it in business! Quit complaining
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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS line my Facebook news feed today.  Many want to lose weight and get fit, others want to make new friends and some would like to fill in their tax return on time.  Most people have a sense of ‘new year, new beginning’ but at the end of each year few have made
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