Professional Orators Use These Tricks To Trigger Emotional Responses In Their Audiences

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels Have you ever sat in an audience in the presence of a professional orator and felt swept up in their words? If so, it probably didn’t happen by accident. Instead, that person likely had special training that enabled them to trigger your emotions, pull on your heartstrings, and make you forget your troubles
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Women's Business Conference 2019

Business Conference Reports Staggering ROI Within Weeks

Feedback has started coming in from the recent Women’s Business Conference and it is astounding. I have stuck by my guns and insisted that we aim for a more concentrated but high-quality audience made up of influential women with a budget and the authority to make decisions on the spot. Many have frowned on my methods,
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Women's Business Conference - Award Winners 2019

Hugely Successful Women’s Business Conference Showcases the UK’s Rising Female Stars

This Wednesday saw the annual Women’s Business Conference take place at historic Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham. Hosted by the Women’s Business Club and proudly sponsored by QuickBooks, the jam-packed event gave female entrepreneurs, executives and professionals the chance to network, learn and develop through a series of talks and workshops. The conference, which took
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Making a Splash and Having Fun at Your First Trade Show

Trade shows and exhibitions are a fantastic branding opportunity for your nascent business. They provide you with an opportunity to forge potentially long lasting relationships with new prospective customers, potential employees and other local businesses. However, when you’re about to attend your first ever trade show it’s not uncommon to feel apprehensive. Nervous, even. How
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The 40th edition Business Show this November

Around 25,000 businesses will attend Europe’s largest business exhibition at London’s ExCeL on 14 & 15 Nov, 2018. Boasting a world-class line up of innovative supplier exhibitors, expert-led seminars, interactive masterclasses, and our carefully crafted business zones – The 40th edition Business Show will provide everything from advice on finance and entrepreneurship to guidance on
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