Leamington Business Lunch Presents “Diary Detox®” This January

We are really excited to be joined on the 22nd January by Paul Holbrook Of “Diary Detox®”, Paul Holbrook is a time rebel and leadership disrupter who, after 20 years in change management in the City of London, decided that he’d simply had enough of standing by, watching the toxic effects of people’s diaries on
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MANCHESTER January Launch, Guest Speaker Founder of Women’s Business Club

I am so excited to announce the Launch of our Manchester Tribe Night on Thursday 23rd January at Brasserie Abode where we will enjoy a special guest, the founder and CEO of Women’s Business Club Angela De Souza who will be talking about VISION. Angela De Souza is on a mission to unlock the potential
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Vision For Your Life, For Your Business. Women's Eye

Uncover Your Vision

We all have imaginations travelling freely down pathways of desire or fear, but over time we learn to suppress the fantasies and limit our reality. It is time to undo the suppression, and start living a life we desire most!  After all, by failing to connect our wildest dreams and our reality leaves us stuck.
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Women's Business Conference 2019

Business Conference Reports Staggering ROI Within Weeks

Feedback has started coming in from the recent Women’s Business Conference and it is astounding. I have stuck by my guns and insisted that we aim for a more concentrated but high-quality audience made up of influential women with a budget and the authority to make decisions on the spot. Many have frowned on my methods,
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Women's Business Conference - Award Winners 2019

Hugely Successful Women’s Business Conference Showcases the UK’s Rising Female Stars

This Wednesday saw the annual Women’s Business Conference take place at historic Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham. Hosted by the Women’s Business Club and proudly sponsored by QuickBooks, the jam-packed event gave female entrepreneurs, executives and professionals the chance to network, learn and develop through a series of talks and workshops. The conference, which took
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York Tribe Night

The Power of Podcasting! York November Tribe Night

Join me on the 21st of November for our fantastic power hour about The Power of Podcasting. An insight into the world of podcasting. What is a podcast? How many people listen to podcasts in the UK? How a podcast helps share your passion, knowledge and expertise. How you can use a podcast to reach
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PA to Lunch Event

We are proud that the event has as one of its main sponsors  Women’s Business Club, plus Angela DeSouza will be holding a very special on site seminar for the delegates on the day. Huggard is Wales’ leading centre for people sleeping rough in Cardiff. For more than 30 years Huggard has been helping people,
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Great Events To Attend As A Business

When running a business and trying to market yourself as a professional body, it is important for you to think about how to come across in the best light to your audience. There are lots of ways to market a business and one of the most effective of all is to speak to people face
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Can You Launch A Green Event On A Low Budget?

Nothing comes for free in the business world. However, more often than not, cost considerations tend to focus on the budget side of thing and ignore how activities can affect the environment. With more and green tax relief options and regulations to follow, businesses in the UK can’t afford to make the environment an afterthought.
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