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Large, In Your Face And Direct Is How Your Website Should Look Like

If you want to use this lockdown time wisely for your business prospects, it’s time to start rebuilding some key areas. You cannot physically go about making changes, but you can change your website. This is the perfect time to rebrand, reposition, change your ethos, and most of all, change the way your website looks
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Richmond Tribe Night – taking place Monday 10th February

Come and join our Richmond Tribe – date change this month only from Tuesday – now on Monday 10th February 7.30 – 9.30pm. Tribes Nights are mini-ecosystems of encouragement and empowerment. Our Tribes Nights are monthly evening meetups in real life. You can come along as a guest to your first Tribe Night by booking
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BEACONSFIELD January Speaker “Top Tips For Mastering Instagram in 2020”

Join us on January 21st at our Beaconsfield Tribe Night with a fantastic talk from Hannah, owner of social media agency HLO Social she specialises in working with creatives to enhance their Instagram presence, she will be joining us remotely for our January Power Hour to share her top tips for mastering Instagram in 2020.
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How To Take The First Steps As A Female Musician

If you’re a musician or singer, you are probably wondering how to start on the journey of getting yourself into the magical world of music. If you’re a woman especially, it can feel more difficult, you may feel swallowed up in what feels like a male dominated industry. If you’re keen to perform and you
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Women's Business Club Awards

Creative Business Award

    Sponsorship opportunities available for this year’s Creative Business Award.   The Creative Business Award is designed to showcase and celebrate creative talent across the UK. Our creative nominee is a woman who has a flair for the artistic perhaps or is just very creative with how she runs her business. No matter what
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Mobile Business; For Entrepreneurs Who Fear Commitment

February is the best month of the year to discuss commitment, not only to your darling but also to your business idea. Indeed, launching a new business requires time and funding, and it’s fair to say that you may not be ready to give up your day-to-day job to throw yourself into an entrepreneurship journey
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Setting up in business: priorities, vision, planning, support and juggling motherhood

  I am so excited to be writing a new series, just for mums in business! I have teamed up with the Women’s Business Club to speak to members who are also mums and share their stories. So to start us off, I thought I should share my own story. Here it goes! So for
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Welcome to the home of small business and artisans

  Holly & Co is the home of creative small business owners. A place to gain colourful advice and inspiration, share learnings and together, shine a light on the power of small businesses and artisans. After a decade creating, Holly has decided to continue her life’s quest to bring colour to the world of
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Creative Networking Event Ideas

If you are a regular networker you may just be getting a little bored with the same old same old so why not spice things up a little if you are in a position to do so with these fun ideas to connect with people. Wrong Name Tags Start by giving the attendees the wrong
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Quit Complaining!

Stop pinning your hopes and dreams on outside sources!

”RUBBISH! I was just in the mood to get my head down and then everything went off the rails and I couldn’t get ‘it’ done!” SHUT UP! Seriously, no one cares! I love you, I really do, but unless I tell you the truth you are NEVER going to make it in business! Quit complaining
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