Angela Spang: The Serial Entrepreneur

Former Ballerina and working mother of two becomes First Women’s Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Angela is the founder of 7 companies including June Medical and The London Medical Academy, LMEDAC.  Not only is Angela a successful business woman but she is overtly passionate about making a difference with the companies that she has created. Her desire to expand knowledge provides real benefit to many women and shows how passion in the search for excellence can often go hand in hand with success. 

How to MAXIMISE your results at the MAXIMISE Business Show

  You know, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there who would love to buy your product or service, if they knew what it could do for them.  If they understood how it would make their life better, appreciate the real results and benefits they can get when buying from you. But,
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When the door of opportunity flies open “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain” My name is Lynda, proud owner of ‘Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring’. This wonderful, inspirational quote summarises my attitude to life, having overcome my own personal storms throughout the years. It
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Business News: Sharp fall in women applying to universities

The number of women over 25 who applied to undergraduate university courses in England fell by almost a fifth this year (-18.3%), according UCAS¹ . The application service’s June figures revealed a drop of 7,870 applications, leading to one of the lowest numbers of women aged over 25 applying to university since 2012. So why
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Free PR? Yes you can!

Recently I’ve read all sorts of articles about “the death of the press release” and hear people moaning that it’s impossible to get into the media without paying. You will be glad to hear that I don’t think this is true. Here are my PR tips for people on zero budget. Think carefully about who
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Setting up in business: priorities, vision, planning, support and juggling motherhood

  I am so excited to be writing a new series, just for mums in business! I have teamed up with the Women’s Business Club to speak to members who are also mums and share their stories. So to start us off, I thought I should share my own story. Here it goes! So for
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How Brand Ambassadors Can Help You

  First of all let’s start with who a brand ambassador is. Your biggest fan. Someone who will “big up” your business and brand. A genuine user of your product who spreads the joy of your company via word of mouth, social media and blogs. An employee who is loyal, totally involved in the business
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Promotional Merchandise – What is it and how to use it

[mmtl-row][mmtl-col width=”1/1″][mmtl-text id=”” class=”” space=”medium”] Promotional merchandise sales are rising, actually for the seventh year running there has been steady and continual growth in the UK & Ireland promotional merchandising market. The industry is now £50million ahead of the year before the banking crisis in 2008 and has made an overall recovery of £292million. That
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Could you be replaced by a robot?

  Roll back a few decades and Hollywood was full of futuristic predictions of half-human, half-cyborg characters busting in with all guns blazing, threatening to take over the world. It seems humans nearly always won, in an egotistical representation of our fight for survival, but since then, we’ve seen the roll-out of superfast broadband, and
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Work Life Balance VA Services

  What is a Virtual Assistant? Although outsourcing tasks which are necessary and time-consuming to Virtual Assistants (VAs) is becoming increasingly popular, many people still haven’t heard of the term.  ​VAs are highly skilled independent contractors who use modern technology to carry out work that will help to support your business via the Internet, email
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