Venturing into the Dragoness’ Den

Director of Rockallwight PR, Claire Cunningham tells her success story: How I threw my hat in the ring and ended up winning. Brand new start-up In April 2018 my new public relations start-up was only a month old. I had left a 20-year career working as a communications professional, in corporate environments on big teams,
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Visual Merch Advice For Retail Success

Catching shoppers’ eyes is important but never more so than at Christmas. Although the customers are out in force, they aren’t easy to reel in. There is a lot of competition, plus people are searching for specific items. As a result, high street shops don’t always bring in the sales they imagine they will during
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Breathe Some Life Into Your Brand Before The New Year

Breathe Some Life Into Your Brand Before the New Year

There will come a time during running a business and nurturing your brand that you begin to get bored of the branding you have. You might look at other brands out there and wish you could change yours completely, but often you might be scared of the audience loss if you did change your name.
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personal branding

Personal branding – your image is part of your brand!

Is your image recognisable?  Have you spent a bit of money on a great photographer to get a really good photo that you use on your LinkedIn profile, on your business cards and on any other social media feeds you use?  If it’s a stretch at the moment – find a friend who takes good
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