Spending Too Much On PPC

  Pay per click advertising is an extremely effective way of generating more traffic and more potential customers to your business website. When utilized properly, this type of advertising can prove to be highly beneficial because it takes little time and you can easily evaluate the performance of each pay per click advertisement you have
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Why Every Business Should Be Concerned About Bot Farms

There are many ways that businesses can bring people to their websites. PPC campaigns are great for doing this, but as they have emerged as a good way to increase clickthrough and conversion rates, a dark side has also appeared. This dark side is what is known as the world of click fraud. Here, users
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3 Methods Of Advertising That Will Always Prove Useful

  Marketing is a fickle beast, but it’s something we must make use of in order to promote our presence and services. As a business, it can sometimes feel as though the first fight is the fight to be noticed, and then you can go about satisfying expectations from then on. That being said, advertising
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Covid-19 Coronavirus and business

Deep cleaning disinfection services for businesses

Having the house clean is very paramount; this applies to the flooring materials. Cleaning the rug is essential to maintain its quality. It also increases its lifespan, which in turn saves the time, money, and energy that would be used to purchase another one now and then. Rug maintenance ensures that the spaces in which
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What Should You Do If Your Marketing Isn’t Up To Standard?

The way you market your business is going to be responsible for a lot of the customers that you get. Without marketing, nobody is going to know who you are, what you do, or why they should bother using your company over one of your competitors. All of this information is important, which is why
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Common Ways Social Media Ads Fail To Hit The Mark

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels   Social media marketing is billed as a great equaliser for small and medium-sized businesses. And, it can be if used correctly. Did you know that 42% of the world has a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account? That’s why nearly 75% of marketing professionals believe that social media has boosted their companies’
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10 Lessons I Learnt From Working 15 Years in Advertising

The world of advertising is one that is filled with changes and the need to adapt. Spending 15 years in advertising is a long time but what I have learnt during this time? 1. You can always improve It is all too easy to jump into the industry thinking that you are invincible when in
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Six Reasons To Advertise Your Fitness Products In Gyms

If you run a business that sells activewear, gym gear or performance products, finding your customers to target them with advertising can be difficult. Health and wellness products should be targeted at people looking after their health and keeping active. To reach these fit people, go to where they are. The gym. There are lots
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LinkedIn Advertising with £50 credit coupon

How to create your first LinkedIn Advert, £50 Voucher free.

  Advertising on LinkedIn can be very effective but if you don’t know what you are doing it can also be very expensive. So here is a step-by-step beginner guide. To help you set up your very first LinkedIn advert and we have included a fantastic £50 credit voucher too. So, what are you waiting
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Visual Merch Advice For Retail Success

Catching shoppers’ eyes is important but never more so than at Christmas. Although the customers are out in force, they aren’t easy to reel in. There is a lot of competition, plus people are searching for specific items. As a result, high street shops don’t always bring in the sales they imagine they will during
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