“Explore how your actions and behaviour are inspired by the world around you” Cardiff May Business Lunch

We are excited to be joined at our CARDIFF Virtual business lunch this May by Christina Strang from Ghost Tree, she will be presenting her talk “More than words – the essential resource” 

This talk and part workshop will explore how your actions and behaviour are inspired by the world around you.

TICKETS – Wednesday 20th May Virtual Business Lunch Club

Join us for our virtual networking of encouragement and support as well as this fantastic speaker, Guests and Members welcome.

About Christina:

I have been involved in the business world for 40 years, ranging from advertising and media, employment, automotive to service industries including the successful development and running of a national exhibition business for 15 years. My business experience is wide and in-depth on a number of subjects. 

Over the years I have written articles for magazines about behavioural profiling; been a keynote speaker at a conference in China, speaker on an international online conference,  and set up a research project with full Ethics approval.  This was based at Poole Hospital studying Handwriting in the Early Detection of Dis-ease, specialising in Cardiac disease, which was disseminated as a research paper at a scientific conference in Melbourne, Australia. I am a published author as a result of this research – Embracing & Releasing the Celebrity in You, a short story for women in business.

A more recent research project has resulted in me having been given an international award for graphology research.  The research was on relationship attachment in handwriting and is currently being written up for peer review.

Find out More:

Links:  www.ghost-tree.com  Tel: 07786-268117  Linked In – Ghost Tree

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