Can You Launch A Green Event On A Low Budget?

Nothing comes for free in the business world. However, more often than not, cost considerations tend to focus on the budget side of thing and ignore how activities can affect the environment. With more and green tax relief options and regulations to follow, businesses in the UK can’t afford to make the environment an afterthought. However, while it might seem easy to keep your green promises once you’re outside the business premises.

Events, especially – which can be successful for small businesses – generate a considerable volume of waste. From paper brochures to plastic pens, organising a trade show is the equivalent of emptying a container of rubbish in the field. So how can best make your event green while sticking to your budget?

Can you find green freebies?

What is the favourite gift that most companies bring to all event shows? You’ve guessed it right: it’s a pen. As a rule of the thumb, event visitors can leave a show with up to 20 different pens in their bags. Ultimately, we all know that pen freebies tend to land in the bin. Instead, if you want to reduce waste, you need to focus on reusable items for events, such as a sustainable bag with your logo. Your visitors are more likely to repurpose the bag – especially as they now have to pay extra to get a plastic bag from shops – during their weekly grocery shopping, for instance. Ultimately, it’s a great way of building brand awareness while staying green.

Low-key green marketing presence

Marketing costs can drain your budget. But, they can also affect the environment. Flyers, brochures, and direct mails are a nuisance for your audience and the wildlife. Consequently, using a flyer campaign to promote your event would be a mistake. But instead, you can consider online marketing options that ensure your digital presence. Targeting the most relevant social media platforms can help you to create a buzz ahead of the event. Additionally, you can also use geo-targeting with a local directory such as Google Maps – via Google My Business.

Don’t promote, educate

Promotional marketing doesn’t receive much attention. But informative articles offer a better strategy to get noticed and shout out about your green event.  Aside from publishing on your blog, you can reach out to other websites to propose a guest post. As a guest writer you need to focus on pitching a topic that is relevant to the blog and your business. The secret is to understand what you expect to achieve and what you can offer to the site’s audience.

Get your name out there before the event

Last, but not least, your event promotion is all about building up a buzz ahead of the show. But you want people to remember not only the show but also your personality. Indeed, making your business more accessible and memorable to a new audience is about sharing something personal that encourages the connection. Showing a selfie on social media is a good idea. Creating a podcast can also help people to get to know you better. Ultimately, you want the audience to remember who you are; they’ll be more likely to come to your event. Besides, digital publication ensures minimal waste!

Trade shows and networking events are in dire need of a green strategy. But you can be the business that makes a difference with reusable giveaways and free and targeted online content.

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